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Next Open Meeting: at Thornton Methodist Church on Wednesday May 10th at 7.15 p.m. in Room 1

Road safety in Thornton has once again dominated TAG discussions and we have been in contact with our Neighbourhood Police Team and our Thornton County Councillors.

We have a new Neighbourhood Police Team – Sergeant Nat Cox, PC Kevin Berry, PC Mandy Clarke, and PCSOs Peter Atkinson and Sharon Hill. Having e-mailed last month’s TAG Report in TC Matters to Sergeant Cox, I was very pleased to receive a detailed response from him, and we were delighted to welcome PC Kevin Berry to the TAG Open Meeting on March 15th. PC Berry arrived wearing his new trendy police uniform with cap! PC Berry spent an hour at the Open Meeting explaining the points raised in Sergeant Cox’s e-mail, and answered numerous questions. Prior to this we had met with Co Councillor Andrea Kay for a discussion on possible solutions to the problems as LCC is responsible for implementing traffic calming and road safety measures.

The following is a summary of the main issues.

  1. 20 mph zones were introduced across Lancashire and the intention was that traffic calming measures would force motorists to slow down. Unfortunately these measures have not been introduced widely or very effectively. BUT the police do support community road watches and we have more planned in Thornton! So – take care! Sgt Cox said if people have a suggested site for a CRW then place it on police social media pages.

  2. PC Berry said that when his duties permit he will try to keep an eye on the behaviour of drivers at school times and note any problems re dangerous parking and inappropriate behaviour towards ‘lollipop wardens’.

  3. Co Cllr Kay is working hard to persuade LCC to authorise 2 more pedestrian crossings on Fleetwood Road North. There was also concern expressed that owing to speed of traffic and number of HGVs on this road, crossings should be ‘pelican crossings’ for extra safety.

  4. A resident on Lamb’s Hill was concerned about HGV traffic on Skippool Road which is narrow with sharp bends and has ‘unsuitable for HGVs’ signs at either end. These HGVs follow SATNAV and get stuck. However, Sgt Cox pointed out that the signs are advisory only and the police cannot prevent this use. Co Councillor John Shedwick is going to request LCC to put the ‘monitoring ribbon’ across the road to find out whether HGV use is increasing.

  5. The ‘In the Know’ message from Lancashire Police regarding the tough new penalties for using a hand held mobile ‘phone whilst driving was welcomed by the meeting.

Other items on the Agenda involved feedback on the Thornton Christmas Lights for last year with plans discussed for 2017. Also a report on the walk about by the flood wardens to monitor problem areas for the Thornton Flood Action Group plus the latest Wyre Flood Forum discussions.

Some time was spent considering three of Thornton’s Open Spaces – Lamb’s Road, Bourne Way Field and King George’s Playing Fields.

  1. The Wain Homes housing development on Lamb’s Road has proposed a very small open space deemed totally inadequate by the Open Spaces Officer at Wyre Council. We support Save our Stanah in its objections.

  2. Bourne Way Field to the north of Bourne Way has been designated for housing with only the rough hilly ground to the north for recreation. Give your views on Thornton Chat or on Facebook.

  3. After the King George’s Playing Fields public consultations launched at Marsh Mill and on Radio Lancashire on the 20th January, proposals are now being developed in preparation for further consultations beginning in April.

Thornton Action Group members care for Thornton and work towards keeping it a pleasant, safe, green area in which to live. If you care about Thornton come to our next meeting on May 10th at Thornton Methodist Church at 7.15. We need your support. Please contact TAG via Facebook or Thornton-Cleveleys Chat, or our web site

Jenie Phillips Chair TAG