Thornton Action Group

Chair’s Annual Report 2017

Once again it has been a busy year in our corner of Wyre – with ongoing issues and proposals for future developments – some to be welcomed and others to provide challenges. I must again record my gratitude to the TAG Committee all of whom gave considerable time and energy in a variety of ways to promote the interests of Thornton and our residents – as well as the loyal TAG members who attend Open Meetings and respond to calls for help when requested. We are pleased to have the support of our local councillors – Kerry Jones, Lyn Walmsley, and Bourne Ward’s newly elected Emma Ellison, and County Councillors Andrea Kay, John Shedwick and Alf Clempson, as well as our MPs Ben Wallace and Paul Maynard.

Therefore – it has been a very busy year, we are hoping for good news in 2018 concerning the re-opening of the Library; successful bids for the funds to improve King George’s Playing Fields; no more heavy downpours to produce flooding; all motorists to drive responsibly and no one to drop litter!

Thanks to Wyre Matters for reporting our activities (when we send the correct copy!).

Please follow us on our website and on “Facebook” and come to our Open Meetings.

Jenie Phillips

Chair TAG January 2018