Thornton Action Group March 2021

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Meetings: It has been a very long time – a year in fact – since we were able to hold an Open Meetings for TAG. During the summer last year we all felt a little more hopeful of some normality but it was not to be. However, with vaccines and decreasing COVID infections perhaps there will be a relaxation of restrictions soon and we may be able to hold our delayed AGM in May.

In spite of the restrictions during the past year there have been plenty of issues and developments going on in Thornton and we in TAG have been keeping our eyes and ears open in a variety of ways – text, e-mail, ‘phone and zoom –though not carrier pigeon as far as I know! Simon says he has kept a whole page for this report and there is plenty!

Lamb’s Hill development.

This is an important message for anyone who lives in the area around Lamb’s Road. The approval of the Masterplan for the development of the land between Lamb’s Road and Raikes Road with 400 houses (157 already under construction in Phase 1) has hit a snag. Baxter Homes who intend to build 40+ houses on the land in the south east corner of the site wish to make a road access from Raikes Road which means that all traffic to and from the site will need to use Raikes Road.

In TAG’s submission to the consultation on the Masterplan we stressed that Raikes Road was a country lane which had become used by cars from Hillylaid Road as a rat run. Any access onto the site – pedestrian or vehicular would put walkers and horse riders in danger. Moreover the eastern boundary of the housing development along Raikes Road should be a barrier so that land down to the estuary, which is identified as important for wild life, is protected.

The changes proposed by Baxters are now out for consultation and we urge you to make your views known by e-mailing or writing to Planning Policy at Wyre Civic Centre. The more people who respond the more planners will be aware of the concerns of the residents.

Thornton Christmas Lights

Because of the restrictions TAG was unable to hold its usual switch on ceremony at the Shopping Centre. Nevertheless we were determined that we would have lights in Thornton to bring us some Christmas cheer. The Mayor Andrea Kay and Deputy Mayor Howard Ballard and myself as Chair of TAG between us, remembering to socially distance, pressed the big red button for the switch on at the Shopping Centre, at the Co-op on Fleetwood Road North and at Four Lane Ends. We know how much the children look forward to the event when Thornton is lit up for the festive season and it will happen once more at the end of November this year (we have our fingers crossed).

We have been limited in our ability to collect donations from the public and from local shops and businesses many of whom have been closed. Given the circumstances we made a special approach for donations from businesses and many have been extra generous. So much so that we have only had to dip into our reserves in a limited way. Therefore a big thank you to Wyre Council for their grant, to Ardeer Regeneration (aka NPL whose Chairman Robert McFarlane made a personal contribution as well), McCarthy and Stone, AGC Chemicals, Hollowell Funeral Directors, Miller Roskell, Peter Tarrant, Councillors Andrea Kay and Lynn Walmsley, Costellos, Scrivens Opticians, Bargain Booze and Maison of Beauty.

Flood Action Group

The Flood Group has been able to keep in touch with the agencies and Wyre Flood Forum via Zoom Conferencing.

It looks as though Wainhomes are still working to install the surface water drainage pipe from its Lamb’s Road development to the estuary. Our group has consistently monitored the site and been active in encouraging the developer to fulfil its obligations. Remedial work has been completed on Lawsons Road with the installation of a flap valve where the drain empties into the Hillylaid Brook. We hope that this will solve the road flooding issues in this area. Culverts have been cleared and two large trees removed in the Stanah area but the whole system needs to be free running. New switch gear installed at Stanah Pumping Station should improve the reliability of the pumps.

Most of the flooding issues in Thornton are caused by culverts being blocked or partially blocked so that it was disappointing to see that permission has been given for new housing on Bourne Road where surface water will be channelled into underground culverts. Time for developers and planners to get to grips with this. The Flood Group has drawn up a list of outstanding work and we will be pressing the agencies to get this done.

Although we have no date for the next TAG Open Meeting, if you have any concerns that you think TAG should know about, then contact us by facebook or our website. Best wishes to everyone – stay safe and keep calm and we will carry on!

Jenie Phillips Chair TAG