Thornton Action Group - Photo Gallery 3

All the following photographs were taken in the early 1980's using 35mm b/w film.

Bay Horse Pub

The Bay Horse

Bay Horse Pub

Bay Horse viewed from level crossing

Thornton signalbox

Thornton signalbox.

Stannah View

A view from Stannah.


Another view of the mill.

Mill view

Taken around the time when the mill was open to the public.

Mill view

From the top of the mill looking south west - I think.

Mill view

Looking down onto Fleetwood Road.


Can't remember the exact year, but this electrical storm lit up the night sky. This was taken from a bedroom window.

Lawsons Road

Taken on Lawsons Road, looking at Hargate Road.

Snow Scene

Same location as above, but snow instead of rain. Think this was early in 1982.


Apologies for the blurred photo, but this one is looking towards Trunnah Road.

Snowy Garage

Our half built garage under snow.