The following is a summary of the presentation given by Planning Aid to members of the public and certain Wyre Borough staff on 22 June 2010. This is only a summary and more information on the planning process and how indivduals can get involved is available on the Planning Aid website

Thornton Action Group members get involved in the planning process on behalf of Thornton residents. The final part of this summary Tips to Ensure Involvement summarises well part of the role TAG has performed since its inception, and will shortly be undertaking in respect of the LDF and SHLAA referred to below. The forthcoming consultations are about forming a document that will shape planning in Wyre until 2027.

Introduction to the Planning System: When, Why and how to get involved

What is Planning?

Why is Planning Important?

The Planning System

Who Operates the System?


Emerging Policy Framework

LDF Preparation



Planning Applications

Tips to Ensure Involvement