Wyre Together Best Community Group 2010

Minutes of the meeting held on 25th April 2018 at Thornton Methodist Church

1.APOLOGIES: B & M Whelan, Cllr K Jones

2.WELCOME: K Booth and Mr & Mrs Gibson were welcomed to the meeting

3.COUNCILLORS IN ATTENDANCE: Cllr Lynn Walmsley attended the meeting

4.MINUTES OF THE LAST MEETING: Subject to the correction of the spelling of two names (Darby, Curwood) the minutes were proposed as correct by E Wareing and seconded by J Darby.


5.1Traffic / Pollution

P Jenkins told the meeting that, as yet, there has been no feedback on the results from the pollution sensor by the Post Office on Fleetwood Rd Nth.


H Phillips reminded the meeting that TAG had organised a Public meeting about the Local Plan in 2011.

There were 755 responses to the consultation Issues and Options document of the Draft Local plan with Option 2 – development on the A6 corridor – being the preferred option from those who responded. The Wyre Local Plan sees the bulk of development on the Fylde Coast Peninsula.

There is no traffic analysis included in the plan nor what infrastructure is needed to support development.

TAG and the FLAG have sent in comments about the Plan to the appointed Inspector who will have looked through this in time for the Public Hearing which starts on Tuesday 15th May, 9.30am at Wyre Civic Centre and goes into a second week, ending on Friday 25th May. The Hearings will take the form of discussion with the Inspector asking questions of Wyre Council and other participants. TAG and the FLAG will be represented during the 2 week hearing with other TAG members / Thornton residents attending independently. TAG will be attending as follows:-

Tuesday 15th – 9.30am. Session 1 – Legal Compliance, Procedural Requirements and the Duty to

Co- operate

1.30pm Session 2 – Strategy and Strategic policies

Wednesday 16th – 9.30am Session 3 – Housing and Employment objectively assessed needs (OAN)

and Requirements

1.30pm Session 4 – Housing land supply

Thursday 17th – 9.30am – Session 5 – Specific Housing Needs and generic Housing policies

1.30pm – Session 6 – Employment policies (including town centres and tourism)

Friday 18th - 9.30am – Session 7 – Core Development Management policies – Includes Flood risk

and Surface Water management

Tuesday 22nd 9.30am – Session 8 – Allocations of Fleetwood Thornton and Norcross

Friday 25th 9.30am Session 14 – Infrastructure and Delivery

12.30pm Session 15 – Implementation and Monitoring

The Council now want to set the target at 8224 properties and to spread the numbers over the period of the Local Plan. There is a serious under provision of affordable homes and housing for older people in the plan. 46% need to be affordable to meet Wyre's targets.

Members are urged to attend the hearings. Whilst only those who have registered to be involved are able to speak at the Hearing, it is important for us to show support to those TAG members who will be speaking and responding to questions from the Inspector.

It was reported that the Planning application by NPL to build 17 houses at Poolfoot has been turned down.


P Jenkins reported back from the Flood Forum of 5th April.

Unfortunately there was no representative from LCC at the Flood Forum. This was very disappointing as there was no one available to respond to the questions which required a response form Lancashire.

The Environment Agency has a new website which outlines the maintenance schedule for different areas. Residents can go on here to see the scheme of work planned for Wyre -

It was reported that Thornton Floating Pontoon Co. cut back brambles from around the pumps on New Lane. Residents from this area have met with Garry Payne, CEO Wyre Council and Cllr R Greenough. We understand from residents that following this, Garry Payne will talk to the agencies about getting the local dykes desilted. We await progress. The FLAG have asked if Highways England could speed up the desilting of the culvert under Amounderness Way as they had linked it to be done when other work is carried out in the area.

We understand the EA are looking at clearing the dykes at Marsh farm.

The FLAG have supplied Wyre Council with a list of 25 culverts, supported by maps and grid references and have requested that a list of who is responsible for their maintenance and when work will be carried out.

The FLAG raised concerns about the capability of Stanah Pumping Station with regard to its performance on 22nd November 2017 when 75mm rain fell in the catchment area.

The FLAG asked the EA if a study could be undertaken to retrospectively put in attenuation to the surface water coming from the Arundel Housing Estate at Carleton.

UU gave a presentation with regard to what happened on the night of 22nd November. Essentially, all storm tanks were full, dykes were overflowing, road drains were backed up which over topped the sewage system which resulted in sewage coming up through manholes in the road. They had to open a drain to the River Wyre at Skippool to alleviate the problem. A new outfall pipe will arrive this summer which will take sewage in times of extreme rainfall more than 5 km out to sea. This should ensure that the blue flag status of beaches is maintained.

Work has still to start on drainage work at the NW corner of Poolfoot training development.

Blackpool has published a Section 19 report into the flooding of 22nd November. As yet we have not received one from LCC and are still waiting for a report into flooding in 2015.

At a recent meeting with Paul Maynard MP, Phil discussed issues in Thornton with regards to the flooding as well as asking why people who were out of their homes in the Thames area following flooding, in Staines Surrey, received £12,000 per household from the EA to provide flood resilience measures (Property level protection Scheme). They also received a grant from Surrey Council to raise their electrics with a £5,000 maximum allowance.

The Wyre Flood Plan, version 4 is currently being reassessed by the Flood Wardens


National Mills weekend is 12th / 13th May. Marsh Mill will be open on both of these days. Cllr Walmsley told the meeting that she has been able to gain the co-operation of Blackpool & Fylde College and their students to make a noticeboard to be fitted externally. This will be in an Edwardian style and will be used to display opening times and events.


J Phillips told the meeting that the memorial bench for Joseph Blackburn will be commemorated at a ceremony at the War Memorial on June 28th at 2pm. Another bench, commemorating the Armed Forces and Nursing Auxiliaries and organised by C.Cllr Andrea Kay and will be paid for from C.Cllr Alf Clempson’s Champions Fund. TAG has put in the bid for the funding. TAG has been invited to the ceremony.

A member of Joseph Blackburn's family will unveil the Blackburn bench.

A book has been written about Joseph Blackburn by Mr David Hewitt


J Phillips attended a consultation meeting re the proposed developments to the A585. Jenie told the meeting that a video of what the road would look like had been shown at the meeting. Environmental surveys are ongoing in relation to the proposed route. The statutory consultation ends on the 8th May. Copies of the survey are available at the Civic centre, Library or online.

Fylde council members presented a number of concerns including loss of trees and open countryside; an increase of traffic through Singleton; the dangers at “Hell Fire Corner”. Concern has also been expressed about possible flooding which can occur with road building and the question raised as to whether the EA have been consulted.

11. AOB

P Jenkins raised the issue of speeding cars using the road through King George's playing Field by the Melrose development. This had been raised at the original planning meeting as well as at the consultation re the planned improvements to the park.

It was suggested that C Chadwick from the Melrose development should be contacted about the concerns

J Darby told the meeting about the small garden on the corner of Meadows Ave and Church Rd which is being tended by a local resident Mr N Banks. Any donations or help with the garden would be much appreciated by Mr Banks. Members can email the secretary who will pass on information.

DATE OF NEXT MEETING – Wednesday 20th June 2018, 7.15pm at Thornton Methodist Church.

NB. Thornton Action Group now has a Facebook page and the Flood Action Group also has a Facebook page. Please log on