Wyre Together Best Community Group 2010

Minutes of the meeting held on 20th June 2018 at Thornton Methodist Church



3.COUNCILLORS IN ATTENDANCE: No Councillors present

4.MINUTES OF THE LAST MEETING: The minutes were proposed as correct by P Jenkins and seconded by P Kayley..


5.1A585/ Norcross Roundabout

A Jenkins told the meeting that she had received correspondence from Highways England in relation to improvements at Norcross Roundabout. The scheme is just coming to the end of the development stage and the proposal is to increase the size of the roundabout and to install full signalisation. This will have the added benefit of improving accessibility for the most vulnerable road users, pedestrians and cyclists. It is hoped to deliver the scheme next year. It is hopped that improved signage at the roundabout will be part of the scheme. The aim of this would be to direct HGV traffic not going to RedMarsh industrial estate to use the A585 to access North Thornton and Fleetwood.

5.2 Memorial Benches – Joseph Blackburn

J Phillips reminded members that the service to dedicate the memorial benches, one to Joseph Blackburn, would be on Thursday 28th June, 1.45pm at the Cenotaph. Jenie also had a copy of the book 'Joseph 1917' by David Hewitt which tells Joseph's story.


H Phillips told the meeting about the Public Hearing into the Wyre draft local Plan which was held in May. TAG attended as well as the Thornton FLAG. A Cutts and P Tarrant attended as Thornton residents, as did Sir R Henriques. The only other residents group was from Inskip and a resident from Poulton attended. Ben Wallace, MP also attended to give evidence.

The Inspector indicated at the feedback meeting on 5th June that he had done a walkabout of the area.

With regards to development at Lambs Rd, there was some discussion about wanting to extend across to Raikes Rd – except the land covenanted around Stanah school.

LCC indicated that the problems around Skippool Rd could be overcome by building a new road, from the bad bend, in order to open up access to Raikes Rd. TAG argued that this road should not be built across greenbelt land. If such a road was built then it could open up areas for future development which is a worry.

LCC have indicated that a new school would be needed to accommodate pupils from new developments.

At the hearing, P Jenkins raised the issue of proposed development in North Thornton of 403 houses and expressed concerns regarding the ongoing safety issues for residents on Fleetwood Rd Nth because of the high volume of traffic. He presented 'Crashmap' data which outlined accidents on this road. Traffic calming measures were asked for, including pedestrian crossings. The Inspector noted these concerns. Proposed development SA1/3 is completely surrounded by Flood Zone 3 and concern was raised regarding the disposal of surface water into an area which has recently suffered flooding.


J Phillips told the meeting that some TAG members had attended a meeting of Friends of Marsh Mill (FOMM). The Committee guiding the FOMM group had been reduced to 3 members only. Membership of the Friends Group and Volunteers at the Mill had reduced significantly in number.

The previous Chairperson, elected in 2013 had resigned.

The Mill is owned by Melrose and leased by Wyre Council for another 6 years.

Mills across the country are experiencing difficulties as they are expensive to maintain to Heritage standards.

Cllr Walmsley spoke at the FOMM meeting.. A new draft constitution for the group was introduced New membership forms for the group are available and ways of encouraging more people to join will be investigated.


K Andrew reported back from the Flood Forum of 31st May.

This was a very lively meeting. Drains had not been cleared prior to the floods of November 2017 and people believed that this had contributed to the severity of the flooding. LCC, who are responsible for drain clearing, have a schedule for clearing drains on primary routes. However, no one, could say where the primary routes are located and grids are still blocked.

Highways England will start the clearing of the culverts under the A585 in the summer 2018.

Thornton FLAG, accompanied by P Long from Wyre Council walked along the dyke system to the rear of School Road, adjacent to the railway line. There is an issue with the drainage ditch to the back of School Road which hasn’t been cleared and consequently exacerbated the flooding in November. Wyre has now contacted Network Rail and asked them to get on with the clearance. Network Rail have indicated they will survey the area and if they are found to be responsible, will clear the ditch but not until September at the earliest.

Hillylaid Pool is a problem and needs desilting now by the Environment Agency.

Drains have been cleared on Calder Ave, Meadows Ave and Conder Ave. It would appear that tree roots have grown through some drains and so these drains need to have a camera down to ascertain the problems. This is ongoing.

P Bond from EA has said that he will look at Stanah Pumping Station with regard to lowering automatic start levels.

There was some discussion about the responsibility for surface water drainage on new build housing developments once the developer has left the site.

Tom Myerscough from Wyre River Trust gave a talk to the group and told them of a 'Bio Blitz' event at the Country Park on 22nd & 23rd June.


H Phillips told the meeting that JM Services, the contractors for the Christmas Lights, have gone into liquidation. Howard was contacted by the liquidators to identify any lights owned by TAG. S Rawes, formerly of JM Services has now started his own company and is storing the Thornton lights, ready for the switch on in November.

As yet we have not heard from Wyre Council about the lights grant for this year.

TAG is still trying to identify a tree in the north of Thornton to display lights as there were issues with the lights at the Medical Centre last year. Cllr E Ellison will be asked if she is aware of anywhere in North Thornton where the lights could shine next Christmas.


J Phillips told the meeting that work will be starting on the field on Monday 25th June. There will be the construction of a trail alongside Royles Brook. Drains will be installed where there is lying water.

11. AOB

J Phillips told the meeting about the following events on Hawthorne Park with the exception of 22nd July.

Music in the Park – 8th July 2.30pm – 4.15pm.

Thornton in Bloom – Wednesday, 18th July

Wyre Estuary Country Park Open Day – 22nd July at Stanah

Bees, Bugs, Beasties –9th August

Bats and Moths – 18th August, 8.30pm – 10.30pm.

DATE OF NEXT MEETING – Wednesday 15th August, 7.15pm at Thornton Methodist Church