Minutes of the meeting held on 15th August 2018 at Thornton Methodist Church

1.APOLOGIES: P Kayley, K Andrew, P Ryan

2.WELCOME: P & N Banks, S Barber from Friends of Marsh Mill

3.COUNCILLORS IN ATTENDANCE: No Councillors present

4.MINUTES OF THE LAST MEETING: The minutes were proposed as correct by J Quine and seconded by B Whelan


5.1Memorial Benches at the Cenotaph

J Philips told the meeting about the dedication service, held on 28th June, to commemorate the two new benches at the Cenotaph. One bench was in memory of Joseph Blackburn, a Thornton market gardener, and the second represented the Nursing Auxiliary and all Armed forces. The ceremony was attended by local Councillors and County Councillors as well as TAG members. Jenie expressed her thanks to Paul Deacon and C.Cllr Alf Clempson, Armed Forces Champion for organising the event.

5.2 King George's Field

Work has started on the improvements to King George's Field. A wide path has been created leading to the Health Centre area. The next stage is for exercise equipment to be installed.


H Phillips told the meeting about the Interim report received from the Inspector of the Wyre draft Local Plan. The Inspector has given advice on some key issues to Wyre to make certain modifications to the plan that are likely to be required to make the Wyre Local Plan sound and then he can complete his full report and approve it.

With regards to development at Lambs Rd, the proposal for a new road from Silcocks Corner to Thornton Hall farm was turned down. 260 houses were approved on the Lambs Rd site, in addition to the number already passed for development.

Land not identified for development and leading to the Estuary should have special protection.

There is a backlog of houses needed to be built in Wyre.

It was interesting to note that the two areas of Wyre singled out by the Inspector, Thornton and Inskip, were both represented by residents / groups at the hearing.


We were pleased to welcome Shirley Barber, new Chair of the Friends of Marsh Mill.

An Extraordinary General Meeting was held on 1st August to discuss and agree a new Constitution for the Friends group.

In recent months the group had lost members, however, following a campaign, with new leadership, the group has now grown considerably and has over 60 members. Posters have been displayed in shops etc., advertising the group

Marsh Mill needs friends. Wyre Council have 6 years left on the lease it agreed with Melrose. It is important, for the future of the Mill, to think of ways in which the Mill can be funded. Fundraising events are planned. The new team have considered that the friends group might become a charity but their aim is to protect the Mill for the community. There is some difficulty at the moment with regard to keyholders for the Mill which is restricting activity.

TAG has advertised the Friends group on the TAG website.

The Mill AGM will be held on 5th October.


P Jenkins told the meeting that he had received an interim report from Paul Long with regards to the flooding of the 22nd November affecting School Rd. The report indicated that the flooding was caused by inadequate maintenance of the system and extreme rainfall.

We have received correspondence from Ben Wallace MP who is attempting to pressure the agencies to desilt Hillylaid Pool from Arundel housing estate to the Bay Horse pub on Station Rd .This lack of maintenance caused issues on New Lane and School Rd. Currently the EA are proposing to do a survey in September.

Network Rail, we believe, are also going to start clearing the brook to the east of the Railway line along the School Rd section.

NPL have informed us that they now have the necessary materials for the drainage work which should alleviate the flooding on Springfield Drive. We have been told that this work is due to start in September.

Wyre Council has purchased 2 pumps to be used throughout the Borough in times of flooding. Some of the Flood Wardens will be attending a demonstration at Fleetwood Boating Lake in September. All Flood Groups have been asked if they can identify areas where these might be useful.

Thornton FLAG along with the Churchtown FLAG attended the 'BIOBLITZ' event at Stanah Country Park. We displayed photographs as well as some resilience equipment which had been kindly lent from Floodsafe Projects of Garstang, an independent company who supply and fit resilience measures..

Blocked gullies on roads should be reported, either online to LCC at or by ringing 0300 1236780. This can also be reported via Wyre Council by ringing 891000.


H Phillips told the meeting that Wyre Council have passed a resolution that areas will be given funding for 3 years to support the Christmas Lights display and therefore groups will no longer need to apply for funding. 7 areas of Wyre received funding with Thornton getting £2,300 which we will need to match fund.

E Wareing suggested that a Christmas lights display in the north of Thornton could go near to Mayfield Drive in the north of Thornton. Previously we have used the tree at the Medical Centre but this was unsuccessful last year.

The Lights group will meet in September to finalise details in time for Christmas 2018.


P Jenkins told the group that he had hosted a meeting in July to discuss issues relating to heavy traffic, road surfaces, speeding cars etc., The meeting had been requested by C.Cllr A Kay following complaints from neighbours about property damage as a consequence of some of these issues. The meeting was followed up by a site visit, with a Highways officer from LCC, to investigate the road surface. There was some discussion regarding the fact that Fleetwood Rd is a 'B' road (B5268) and not an 'A' road suitable for HGV traffic.

During the site meeting the officer expressed concern about the speed of the wagons in a residential area. He also indicated that the road needed to be resurfaced to alleviate the vibration from vehicles. The ideal solution is to remove the HGV traffic from the road.C.Cllr Kay also indicated to the officer that 2 additional pedestrian crossings were needed on this busy road.

11. AOB

J Phillips told the meeting that some residents on Hawthorne Rd are concerned that it is becoming a 'rat run' with speeding cars. The speed limit is 20MPH on this road. A friend of TAG will be asked to monitor speeds on the road. Residents can and MUST complain by ringing Police Headquarters and asking for the Traffic management department.

Mr Banks asked for support to help him maintain the small garden at the junction of Church Rd and Meadows Ave. This could just involve weeding (weeds can be bagged and placed in the bin by the garden). Members can contact him through Thornton Chat – 'Down to Earth Gardener

DATE OF NEXT MEETING – Wednesday 10th October 7.15pm at Thornton Methodist Church