Minutes of the meeting held on 10th October 2018 at Thornton Methodist Church

1.APOLOGIES: M Horgan, K Andrew, P Ryan, S Bamber

2.WELCOME: H Swales, Tom Halstead from Friends of Marsh Mill

3.COUNCILLORS IN ATTENDANCE: No Councillors present

4.MINUTES OF THE LAST MEETING: The minutes were proposed as correct by I Horner and seconded by E Wareing


5.1Memorial Benches at the Cenotaph

TAG was pleased to be involved, through the County Councillors funding scheme, with the purchase and commemoration of the two new benches at the Cenotaph.

5.2 Fleetwood Rd nth

P Jenkins told the meeting that a new refuge, to assist with crossing the road, has been installed near to the new Co-op on Fleetwood Rd nth. This now means that there is a Pedestrian crossing and two refuge areas within a few yards of each other. Phil has been informed that the second refuge was requested by LCC as part of the planning application by the Co-op. This is excellent for pedestrians BUT what about some support for those trying to cross to the Surgery on Church Rd or to the TESCO express store. Following discussion it was agreed that TAG would write to the appropriate person at LCC to request support for this area of Thornton.

5.3 Hawthorne Rd

Hawthorne Rd has now been resurfaced and consequently cars are able to go even faster, using the road as a rat run. There was some discussion about the use of speed guns, 'smiley face' speed warnings etc., Residents of the road are also trying to slow cars down by parking on the roadside. J Phillips has contacted the police about this and is awaiting a response.

5.4 King George's Field

A woodland walk is being created as part of the improvements to the park. This is being led by the Parks Team.

An application to the Environment Agency for improvements to the brook is still pending. The improvement would help to hold back the water. During discussion it was suggested that C Cllr Clempson should be contacted re funding as Ben Wallace MP is dealing with the EA re improvements to prevent flooding in Thornton.

There was some discussion re the planting of saplings as part of the improvements and how this could be funded. It was suggested that Ben Wallace be approached as he may have some funding to support this.


H Phillips told the meeting that the major modifications suggested by the Inspector are in Thornton and Inskip. Both of these areas were well represented at the Public Hearing.

The Inspector had produced an interim report for Wyre planners to carry out some work in order to get the plan through.

Following some considerable discussion about the proposals, it was agreed that Howard would respond, on behalf of TAG. TAG supports the classification of the land between Raikes Rd and the Wyre Estuary as Green Infrastructure with the added protection this gives against development. Tag also would like to see the inclusion of land to the south and east of Stanah school to be also classed as Green Infrastructure. A Covenant exists on this land.

The housing area originally proposed (on map SA1/2) has been reduced to the area on the new map (see EL 7.001a). A new primary school is proposed for the area.

Howard has written to Ben Wallace MP with regard to the number of houses to be built – the Government assessment for Wyre was 313 per year. The plan states 457 which is far too high. The population is predicted to rise by 6% - houses by 20% - explained by the ageing of the population and the increase in one person households. TAG feels that this has been overestimated.

A new road is proposed from Silcock's Corner to Raikes Rd. There was considerable discussion by members about this road. It was suggested that it should be left in the document because it would illustrate that residents had been right all along by stating that the existing roads cannot take the extra traffic created by the 360 houses to be built in the area as well as a primary school.

P Jenkins also pointed out that the extra traffic created by the building of 400 houses in north Thornton would also lead to an increase in traffic along Fleetwood Rd as well as Trunnah Rd and Lambs Rd as drivers try to find alternative ways out of Thornton.

Howard told the meeting that a new application from Wainhomes had been received by Wyre. The proposal is to change the agreed roundabout on Lambs Rd to a T- junction at the entrance to the new development. Following discussion it was agreed that any proposal for a T-junction must include the widening of Lambs Rd to include a lane for traffic from the south turning right to the site. Concerns were also expressed about traffic exiting from the site and turning right.

Howard was thanked for his work in responding to the Draft Local Plan – Modifications.


We were pleased to welcome Tom Halstead from the Friends of Marsh Mill (FOMM). Tom told the meeting that they are currently planning for the Mill birthday celebration on 19th October.

FOMM currently do not have a key to get into the Mill and have to rely on a Council employee to let them in. If they wish to have fundraising events in the Mill then they have to pay to hire the Mill. FOMM had asked Melrose if the disabled toilet in the square could be refreshed and the FOMM have access but unfortunately, there are difficulties.

Following discussion, it was suggested that FOMM hold a meeting with the council's Heritage Champion (assuming that this person exists) to discuss all the issues. In the meantime, TAG would give support with advertising etc., to try to increase the membership of FOMM


P Jenkins reported back to the meeting. Following discussion re flooding from the development at Poolfoot, it was agreed that NPL would be asked to outline the work which was actually carried out. See Appendix 1 for full report.

Blocked gullies on roads should be reported, either online to LCC at or by ringing 0300 1236780. This can also be reported via Wyre Council by ringing 891000.


H Phillips told the meeting that he had visited the new Co-op in N Thornton with Jenie Phillips and Steve from SJ Services to ascertain whether it is a suitable location for Christmas lights. A suitable tree was identified and the Manager of the store was supportive. New lights will be needed for this area and the cost will be approximately £1000. J Phillips has written to Fleetwood Town FC to ask for their support along with the Head from Baines who has also suggested that all the Thornton schools have a non-uniform day to help raise funds. It was suggested that TAG write to McCarthy and Stone to ask for a donation as the lights will be close to their building.

It was pointed out that TAG has been organising the lights for 13years.

The switch on will be on Tuesday 27th November at 4pm. TAG members will be collecting in the Co-op at Thornton station on Friday 23rd and Saturday 24th November. Volunteers needed please.

The Deputy Mayor and Deputy Lady Mayoress will be attending.

10. AOB

A Jenkins told the meeting that a 3 week Consultation re the Hillhouse International Enterprise Zone would take place from 11th October 2018. A drop-in event would be taking place at Thornton Football Club on Friday 12th October between 1pm and 6pm.

DATE OF NEXT MEETING – Wednesday 5th December 7.15pm at Thornton Methodist Church

Appendix 1

Report to TAG from the September 2018 Flood Forum and additional information

Following a presentation from Peter Ashcroft of United Utilities we asked about sewage spills from the main sewer which comes from the Arundel Drive housing estate towards Skippool. There have been problems with this system for a number of years and he said they would investigate.

Following a presentation from the Environment Agency we asked about the lack of maintenance on the Hillylaid Pool system on a section which runs from the Arundel Drive housing estate to the Bay Horse public house. Many homes were flooded along this stretch with some residents still out of their homes.

The EA replied that they have bid for funding to carry out a survey in 2019/20. Potential works could then take place in 2020/21. As a FLAG we feel this is not acceptable.

We asked about surface water drainage from the proposed Norcross development.

We were told that the council are looking at this issue. The developer proposes to have a retention greenfield area at the bottom of the site with storage ponds and a central storage pond before discharging at a restricted rate (greenfield discharge for the whole site) into Royles Brook.

We asked a question regarding the suitability of the Springfield Brook system into which the surface water will be directed from the proposed housing developments on the NPL site and also on the land opposite the Iron Horse public house as outlined in the draft Local Plan. We flagged up concerns raised in the 2004 Land Drainage Strategy report.

We were told they have taken the report into account along with the 2013 strategy Wyre Urban Core Strategy(which is the most up to date).They will be working with UU, LCC and the EA to develop joint models for the area.

You can see the full reply to the above questions in the minutes, Item 10 Questions from the Thornton Flag which are appended to the Wyre Flood Forum agenda for the Wyre Flood Forum held on the 13th Sept 2018.

We asked if the Council could ensure that measures will be put into place so that the risk of flooding to homes on Fleetwood Rd North is not increased by these two developments.

They replied that the proposed policy CDMP4 will enable them to require measures to ensure that flood risk is not increased elsewhere from any one development. They are happy that these policies provide them with the necessary powers to ensure developments do not increase flood risk elsewhere.

Our group also reported to the meeting that further drainage work has been completed on the NPL land in the NW corner of the Poolfoot Development which hopefully should alleviate flooding problems experienced by some residents whose homes backed onto the development.

The situation is being monitored by one of the residents.

In addition to the above PJ also met with the EA, C.Cllr A Clempson(on behalf of Ben Wallace MP) and the local farmer walked across the fields adjacent to New Lane and the Arundel Drive housing estate. The purpose of the walkabout was to investigate the state of the dyke in this area.

On Thursday, 4th October we noted that the culvert under the A585 adjacent to New Lane has been desilted, along with approx 100yds either side. C Green, Wyre officer, has been asked to ascertain the total scope of the work carried out by Highways England.