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Minutes of the meeting held on 10th January 2018 at Thornton Methodist Church

1.APOLOGIES: D & P Ford, P Ellison

2.WELCOME: P Kayley was welcomed to the meeting

3.COUNCILLORS IN ATTENDANCE: Cllr E Ellison attended the meeting

4.MINUTES OF THE LAST MEETING: The minutes were proposed as correct P Jenkins and seconded by J Quine.



H Phillips told the meeting that there was still no news about the date of the Public hearing.


H Phillips told the meeting that everything went well with the lights this year. The size of the trees at the Little Theatre are a problem. The contractor who puts up the lights had great difficulty in reaching the top of the trees because of their height. This will be brought to the attention of Jane Ferguson and Carl Green at Wyre council.

It had not been possible to access the caretaker store to provide power for the lights and therefore an alternative source was located.

There was some discussion about the £5 million set aside by the Government to develop forests in the north. It was suggested that 'wooded open space' would be an excellent idea.

5.3Traffic / Pollution

P Jenkins told the meeting that a sensor to monitor pollution levels has been installed by the Post Office on Fleetwood Rd Nth. This will be in place for 6 months and then possibly moved nearer to the cottages by the Mill. Wyre will let us know the results.

Cllr Ellison told the meeting that the Catch 22 bus service had lost its license to provide the service. As yet there is no news as to an alternative provider of the service. This would cause problems for many residents.

P Tarrant raised the issue of the lack of pedestrian crossings on Amounderness Way. Following discussion it was agreed that C.Cllr Kay would be contacted re this.


P Jenkins reported back from the Flood Forum meeting held in December.

Following the flooding in November, the Thornton FLAG had sent in a number of questions to the Forum, some of which have now been answered.

Stanah Pumping Station – it was reported that one of the screws went down for a period of time on 22nd November. What actually happened was one of the screws was on automatic and when the water level dropped it switched off and had to be restarted on manual. This change over period took about 10 minutes during which time only one screw was running,

Desilting of Royles Brook through the NPL – A question was asked if this work had been undertaken. Up to now it has not and it was noted that this needs to be progressed.

Royles Brook / Hillylaid Pool study – Thornton FLAG are still awaiting publication of this report.

NW corner of Poolfoot Development – There seems to some confusion about ownership of this strip of land. Cllr Ellison was able to tell us that she is in discussions about the landscaping and bunding of this area. She also has photographic and video evidence, from Nov 22nd, showing water from this section of land affecting local properties.

Sandbags – We are still waiting to hear from Wyre regarding sandbags affected by sewage during the floods and what residents should do with them. It was noted that some residents took sandbags which were not needed leaving a shortage for those who did.

It was noted that residents in areas subjected to flooding are encouraged to install flood resilience measures to their properties. It is hoped that a demonstration of such products could be arranged by Thornton FLAG and local Cllrs.

Road Closure Signs - It was noted that there was a shortage of road closure signs. Some damage was caused to vehicles and properties by vehicles driving too fast through flood water.

Flooding to School Rd – Network Rail have acknowledged ownership of the dyke behind the properties and have recently visited the site and taken photographs. Thornton FLAG will endeavour to ensure that work to clear the dyke is completed ASAP.

Lawsons Rd – United Utilities were asked if they had completed a survey of a blockage, on this road, from an earlier date. We were informed that they had done this and no blockage was found. We believe there are still issues with drains which connect to Hillylaid Pool. These are multiple drains which we believe are the responsibility of UU.

Surface Water / Sewage – Thornton FLAG asked if it was possible to explain how the system works in Thornton. A presentation will be given at the next Flood Forum in March but an interim meeting will be organised with UU. This should help us to understand what happened on the night of 22nd Nov.

Blocked drains – LCC were asked about the schedule for clearing blocked drains. We were informed that only major routes were cleared on a regular basis with minor roads only cleared where residents had reported a blockage. This was considered to be unacceptable and everyone was asked to contact their County Cllr to ask for the schedule of clearing drains to be reviewed. Those areas which are known to have been flooded should be cleared on a more frequent basis.

A scoping meeting has been arranged for the Thornton Flood Wardens, Wyre Council and the Environment Agency. Further meetings will be arranged incorporating a half day field trip with the EA to look at black spots and a further half day with other agencies including UU and LCC to discuss the operation of the sewage and surface water systems on Thornton.

Flooding New Lane area – Local residents reported that the dykes across the fields towards New Lane have not been sufficiently cleaned for a number of years. The culvert under Amounderness Way is the responsibility of Highways England who have now been contacted about this. HE have visited the site and have reported partial silting with approx 1/3rd full and a missing trash screen on the upstream opening. The removal of the silt and provision of a trash screen will be included as part of the future works programme by HE. In the meantime the culvert will be monitored to prevent complete blockage

There was some discussion about the method of resurfacing on River Rd at Stanah with tarmac going into the grids at the side of the roads. Mention was also made about leaf blowing by contractors resulting in debris in gutters and consequently drains.

Application forms for the Lancashire Flood Recovery Fund were available at the meeting.


Memorial Benches – As yet we do not have a date for the ceremony to install the memorial benches in memory of Thornton Market gardener, Joseph Blackburn. Members will be informed as soon as we have a date. .


H Phillips told the meeting of the sad news of the death of June Jackson who was very active with Protect Wyre in their opposition to gas storage over Wyre.

Thanks were expressed to the Councillors who were able to support residents who were flooded, both on the night of 22nd November and after.

DATE OF NEXT MEETING – Wednesday 28th February 2018 7.15pm at Thornton Methodist Church.

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