Minutes of the meeting held on 5th December 2018 at Thornton Methodist Church

1.APOLOGIES: M Horgan, E Wareing, P Ryan, T Morrell

2.WELCOME: B Friar

3.COUNCILLORS IN ATTENDANCE: No Councillors present

4.MINUTES OF THE LAST MEETING: The minutes were proposed as correct by J Quine and seconded by P Jenkins


5.1 Hawthorne Rd

Hawthorne Rd has been resurfaced and consequently is now being used as a rat run. Following discussions about the issue at our last TAG meeting, J Phillips has had a helpful conversation with the local police who are aware of the problem. Hawthorne Rd has been assessed and as soon as the appropriate manpower is available they will use it on Hawthorne Rd to further assess the issues. Similar issues with speeding cars and other traffic related incidents are also experienced on other roads in Thornton including Briar Rd, Lawsons Rd and Fleetwood Rd north. There was some discussion related to this topic and a Community Road Action Group for Thornton was suggested along with other measures to discourage speeding.

5.2 King George's Field

J Phillips told the meeting that trees have now been planted as part of the park improvements.

TAG had previously gained permission to plant a small bed on the Fleetwood Rd side of the Field. This would now be followed up

5.3 Local Plan

H Phillips has responded, on behalf of TAG, to the draft modifications of the Local Plan. He has also made reference to the proposed junction on Lambs Rd. It is understood that B Wallace MP will be meeting with the Wyre Chief Executive and planners re the amended local plan.


H Phillips told the meeting that £2732 had been collected for Thornton lights. This included a donation of £1000 from the Fleetwood Town FC chair, Mr A Pilley.

The collection was slightly down this year but still very much appreciated by TAG. Non uniform days had been organised by Baines school and Thornton Primary to bring in more funds. Traders are provided with a thank you notice to display in their establishments and they are also mentioned on the web site.

There were some minor problems with the setting up of the lights – the new owner had been in hospital, however all lights have now been completed. Luckily the heavy rain on the day of the switch on stopped in time for the schools to sing carols and the competition winners to press the big red button and light up the tree.

There was some discussion about the funding of the lights. Many Thornton residents (published on the Thornton Chat page on Facebook) thought that Wyre Council funded the lights and did not realise that fundraising was carried out by TAG. The possibility of a 'Just Giving' Page was discussed.


TAG has been gathering new members for the newly re-established Friends of Marsh Mill group. J Phillips told the meeting that she had met with G Payne, Wyre Chief Executive. Mr Payne is very supportive of the Mill being open and is supportive of the mill being taken over by some sort of charitable trust. The Mill is currently closed for the winter.

Annual membership is £5.00 per person. P Ellison has been appointed as Chairperson of the Friends Group.


P Jenkins told the meeting that he had written to Wyre following the consultation re the proposed Enterprise Zone in North Thornton. He also wrote to local County Councillors and Mr P Maynard MP to express concerns about the possibility of an increase in HGV traffic using Fleetwood Rd Nth as a consequence of the development.

The proposed plan allows for a new road to be built for traffic to access the site. Any new homes built near the road will have a 9 metre buffer zone from the road to the boundary fence with trees planted to give a degree of sound insulation. Existing properties on Fleetwood Rd Nth don't have anywhere near that level of protection from traffic with some properties and the school playing field being less than 3 metres from the road.

Pedestrian crossings, needed by residents, could have the effect of discouraging HGV traffic.

TAG has had an air quality monitor positioned on Fleetwood Rd Nth but, because of its position, data obtained will not be particularly helpful.

C.Cllr A Kay has indicated that she has organised a meeting with her fellow C. Cllrs to discuss the issues and P Maynard MP has also offered his support in trying to get HGV traffic away from Fleetwood Rd nth.


P Jenkins told the meeting that the next Wyre Flood Forum would meet on Thursday,13th December.

Thornton FLAG would be asking about the following issues:-

A report on the above will be given at the next TAG meeting.

Thornton FLAG flood wardens have cleared rubbish from the dyke near to the Sports Centre. This pile, which included a supermarket trolley and child's bicycle as well as other debris, has now been removed by Wyre Council. Pictures of this activity are on the FLAG Facebook page.

There was discussion about the inability of the pumping station to be able to clear water effectively. It was suggested that a 2nd pumping station was needed. There was also some discussion about a FLAG newsletter being produced.


H Phillips gave the meeting a brief history of TAG's involvement with gas storage. 15 years ago TAG joined the Protect Wyre group to oppose the storage of gas in the salt caverns over Wyre.

In 2015, in spite of permission previously being rejected, the development was approved and the firm involved changed to Halite who indicated they would store 600 cubic metres of working gas. Seismic surveys indicated that only 300 cubic metres of working gas could be stored and an independent survey indicated that only 200 cu.metres could be stored. Protect Wyre, believe that only 150 cu.metres could be stored. The geology is much less suitable than originally claimed.

NPL have now bought out Halite.

A gas fired power station is being developed on the Enterprise Zone which is on NPL land to the north of Thornton.

11. AOB

There was no further business


Wednesday 9th January 2019, 7.15-+-+pm at Thornton Methodist Church