Minutes of the AGM held on 10th January 2018

at Thornton Methodist Church

The Meeting opened at 7.20pm

1. Apologies: D & P Ford

2. Minutes of the last AGM: Proposed by P Jenkins, seconded by J Quine

3. Chairman's Report

Once again it has been a busy year in our corner of Wyre – with ongoing issues and proposals for future developments – some to be welcomed and others to provide challenges. I must again record my gratitude to the TAG Committee all of whom gave considerable time and energy in a variety of ways to promote the interests of Thornton and our residents – as well as the loyal TAG members who attend Open Meetings and respond to calls for help when requested. We are pleased to have the support of our local councillors – Kerry Jones, Lyn Walmsley, and Bourne Ward’s newly elected Emma Ellison, and County Councillors Andrea Kay, John Shedwick and Alf Clempson, as well as our MPs Ben Wallace and Paul Maynard.

Therefore – it has been a very busy year, we are hoping for good news in 2018 concerning the re-opening of the Library; successful bids for the funds to improve King George’s Playing Fields; no more heavy downpours to produce flooding; all motorists to drive responsibly and no one to drop litter!

Thanks to Wyre Matters for reporting our activities (when we send the correct copy!).

Please follow us on our website and on “Facebook” and come to our Open Meetings.

4. Treasurer's Report:

The accounts for January 2017 – January 2018 were reported as at Appendix 1:

5. Election of Officers

As no other nominations were received, officers were re-elected as follows:

CHAIR: Jenie Phillips

VICE CHAIR: Howard Phillips

SECRETARY Audrey Jenkins


N.B. Acceptance proposed by I Horner and seconded by P Tarrant

6. Election of Members to serve on the Executive Committee

The following members were re-elected to serve on the Executive Committee:

Phil Jenkins, Peter Tarrant, J Quine


No resolutions were received by the secretary.

The meeting closed at 7.50pm

APPENDIX 1                                             

 Accounts for  Jan 2017 – Jan 2018


                                        Christmas Lights Accounts



Balance  B/fwd           9122.74              Electrics                8.04

Collections & Donations    1672.00               Insurance (16/17) 200.00

From W.B. (council)           2280.00              Christmas Tree 633.60

                   Christmas Lights            3315.00

    Total                  £  13074.74                Display Panel  119.99

   Less Expenses           - 4558.21              Insurance (17/18) 281.58       

Balance in the bank    £  8516.53 Total  expenses             £4558.21  

*   Please note:- the cost for 2017/18 Christmas lights have to be subtracted from the balance 




                                        Accounts for Thornton Action Group                             

                Bank                                                              Petty Cash

Balance Brought Forward     200.14                  Brought Forward                    23.18   

From councillors 1050.00 Membership & collections     91.00

   for benches

  Total                      1250.14                                        Total     114.18




Memorial benches 1050.00   Room hire      96.00

Wreath 17.50

Total 1050.00 Total 113.50

Balance in the bank    200.14           Petty cash amount      ... .68 


Total Combined amount of £ 200.82




   Christmas Lights Acc  - 8516.53

   T.A.G. Acc                       200.14

   Total bank balance =    8716.67       Petty Cash =           .68