Wyre Together Best Community Group 2010

Minutes of the meeting held on 30th August 2017 at Thornton Methodist Church

1.APOLOGIES: P Tarrant, M Horgan

2.WELCOME: A & K Tittle, M & D Wilson, P & D Ford and G Wilkinson, all residents, were welcomed to the meeting.

3.COUNCILLORS IN ATTENDANCE: There were no Councillors in attendance

4.MINUTES OF THE LAST MEETING: The minutes were proposed as correct by P Jenkins and seconded by H Phillips.


5.1 King George's Field

Jenie Phillips explained the background to the Community Corridor for the new attendees.

Mark Fenton, Wyre Council officer, has been appointed to move forward with further improvements.

TAG is supporting Wyre Council's bid for further funds for the proposed project from the Lancashire Environment Fund.

5.2 Christmas Lights

Howard Phillips told the meeting that a bid for £2200 to support the Christmas lights in Thornton has been submitted to Wyre council. The Lights sub-committee met to discuss the match funding that TAG will have to raise. TAG will need to take out Public Liability Insurance of £5million pounds. It was proposed and agreed that the insurance cover should be for the full year and not just the duration of the lights. The insurance should also cover the Noticeboard at Thornton Centre.


P Jenkins introduced David Ford who has volunteered to be a Flood Warden, replacing P Gore who has moved from the area. David responded to Jenie's article in Thornton Cleveleys Matters asking for a volunteer.

Phil reported on the visit to Stanah Pumping Station. P Long, Wyre engineering officer, demonstrated how quickly the water level could be reduced in the system when the screws were turning. This would happen automatically at times of high rainfall. When bad weather is forecast, Wyre would start the pumps the day before to create capacity in the system. The Flood Group will receive a report on the Royles Brook and Hillylaid Pool study at the next Flood Forum meeting which is in September. A report from the meeting will be posted on the FLAG Facebook page.

We will be receiving large scale flood maps at the next Forum from the Environment Agency, showing Thornton.

We have still not received information about the routing of the surface water on the Lambs Rd development.

Phil has responded to queries regarding flooding to some properties in Thornton.

The Flood Group will look at issues raised by residents at the meeting, including investigating a drainage channel at Royles Brook school.


P Jenkins reported that he had attended a meeting with C.Cllr A Kay and C.Cllr A Vincent to discuss traffic and pollution issues with Fleetwood Rd Nth. Phil has been in touch with developer McCarthy and Stone who have agreed to advise their suppliers to deliver material to the Bourne Poacher site via the trunk road and not through the village. The C. Cllrs told us that the LCC portfolio holder, C.Cllr K Iddon has been asked to look at the issues raised and we understand that he has been taken round Thornton and shown the problem areas.

TAG has been trying to get Pedestrian crossings on Fleetwood Rd north since 2007 – we don't give up!


H Phillips told the meeting that the reserve matters re Lambs Rd came before the Planning Committee on 2nd August. The application was recommended for approval by Wyre Planning Dept. Howard spoke at the meeting on behalf of TAG and asked that the decision be deferred until we knew what would be happening to surface water at the site and he also asked that improvements should be made to Silcock's corner before work commenced on the houses to allow for the movement of construction traffic away from the village centre.

Following discussion at the planning meeting, members of the Planning Committee decided to defer the decision until further information was provided.

It has been noted by Howard that the minutes of the planning meeting of August 2nd are inaccurate with no mention of the surface water run off or the improvements to Silcock's corner.

G Wilkinson told the meeting that a formal complaint had been sent re the inaccuracy of the minutes with Ben Wallace MP also being informed.

TAG are unable to send a representative to the next Planning Committee meeting and so following discussion it was agreed that TAG would liaise with G. Wilkinson who would be attending to provide evidence to the committee.

9. A585

J Phillips outlined Tag's involvement in the A585 consultation.

Jenie told the meeting that 30,000 leaflets about proposed improvements had been sent out but only 570 people had responded. 93% of the respondents agreed that something needs to be done about the road with 78% stating a preference for Option 1

Key Dates and Next Steps are:

Preferred route announcement – late 2017

Public Consultation – early 2018

Development Consent Order Submission – late 2018

Development Consent Order Approval – early 2020

Start of Works – early 2020

Open for Traffic – early 2022

The documents can be seen on the Highways England website


TAG, Thornton Flood Action Group and Hawthorne Park had the opportunity to display information at Marsh Mill during the open weekend of the August Bank holiday. The display boards, whilst very presentable were not purpose made.

Following discussion, J Quine proposed that proper display boards should be purchased. These could be used when collecting at the Co-op for the Christmas lights as well as other functions. The proposal was seconded by A Jenkins and agreed by members.


TAG members attended a meeting, organised by Bourne Cllrs and C. Cllrs, to discuss the parking issues for residents in Burn Naze. Whilst it was stated that the football facility had brought some benefits to the area, residents pointed out difficulties in parking near to their homes when there were events on at Poolfoot. It is understood that the extra car park, referred to in the planning application will only be built when Thornton Football Club moves to the Poolfoot site. Residents also told of speeding cars. Comment was made that Emergency vehicles would have difficulty in accessing the area in an emergency.

Fleetwood Town were represented at the meeting by M Horsfall but unfortunately NPL was unable to send a representative.

K Andrew was able to tell the meeting that M Horsfall had reported back to Fleetwood Town and some actions were to be put in place. These include notices reminding people at the club about the 20MPH speed limit and notices to deter parking on Ormerod St.


12. AOB

Local Plan – Howard reminded the meeting that the Local Plan is still expected to be available for public view quite soon. He suggested that the Executive Committee meet once the document is available and then they will report back to the first available open meeting

DATE OF NEXT MEETING – Wednesday 18th October, 7.15pm at Thornton Methodist Church.

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