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Minutes of the meeting held on 18th October 2017 at Thornton Methodist Church

1.APOLOGIES: M Horgan, K Andrew

2.WELCOME: Cllr Emma Ellison, representing Bourne Ward, was welcomed to the meeting.


4.MINUTES OF THE LAST MEETING: The minutes were proposed as correct by J Quine and seconded by P Jenkins.


5.1 King George's Field

Jenie Phillips told the meeting that the bid for funds from DONG, to support the development of the field, had been unsuccessful on this occasion but we can apply again in the future.

5.2 Lambs Rd

H Phillips told the meeting that the reserved matters re the proposed development were passed at the Planning meeting in September. It would appear that construction traffic will access the site by using Skippool road as it is at present and without improvements to Silcocks Corner.

Thanks were accorded to K Andrew for representing TAG at the meeting.


H Phillips went through the TAG draft response to the Local Plan. This document was sent to members prior to the meeting. Howard told the meeting that the response had considered “soundness” and “sustainability” as outlined in the National Planning Policy Framework (NPPF).

During discussion the following issues were raised:-

Parking at Poulton station – very little available;

Quality of the roads and infrastructure;

Health Provision – it was suggested that Thornton medical centre was contacted re future patient numbers. There was also discussion about previous plans to build a medical facility on land by the Iron Horse and to what extent is Thornton linked to the new facility at Fleetwood. Where would extra provision be developed;

School provision – schools should be where the houses are. Not all schools in Thornton are full at this time. It was suggested that C.Cllr J Shedwick should be asked about provision in Thornton;

Flood Zone 3 – 3 areas in Flood Zone 3 have been identified for development – Pilling, Thornton and Fleetwood. In the Local Plan Wyre Council has indicated they will not allow building in Flood Zones 2 and 3, so how can the areas identified meet the soundness criteria.

At the last Wyre Flood Forum it was stated that the Local Plan considered flood risk to be of equal or greater importance than highways. This issue will be raised by the Thornton FLAG at the next Flood Forum.

If anyone has any further comment then they should contact TAG, as soon as possible, and before the deadline of November 3rd.

7. Christmas Lights

Switch on will be on Tuesday 28th November at 4pm. TAG will receive £2280 from Wyre which is 50% of the actual cost. TAG needs to raise the other 50%. £1700 will be raised from donations and the rest will consist of donations in kind.

Collections at the Co-op will be on Friday 24th November and Saturday 25th November – 9.00am to 6pm on both days. VOLUNTEERS NEEDED PLEASE

P Ryan and P Jenkins will organise the sound system and A Jenkins and T Ryan will organise the refreshments.

Children from Baines will be celebrating the school's 300th Anniversary and will dress in costume at the switch on. The Mayor has been invited along with Wyre Councillors.

Last Year the lights at the Surgery on Church Rd were unreliable and didn't come on as expected. J & M Services have been asked to look at the problem.


P Jenkins reported back from the Flood Forum. The draft report re Royles Brook & Hillylaid Pool is now ready and will be shared with the Thornton FLAG. Thornton FLAG have now received a large scale Flood map of Thornton provided by the Environment Agency. The majority of Thornton falls in Flood Zone 3.

Phil told the meeting that the Wardens have been out and about and have inspected remedial work undertaken by Wyre Council on Branksome Field. They have also looked at Poolfoot where there is a flooding issue in the north west corner and they have also visited local residents to discuss issues. We are pleased to report that the surface water route for the development on Lambs Rd has been agreed and the surface water will be directed to the river at Ramper Pot. This ensures that existing water systems are not surcharged. The Wardens will keep a close eye on this as it progresses to ensure compliance.

Cllr Ellison was able to tell the meeting that NPL have agreed a plan for remediation of the NW corner at Poolfoot which should help the flooding issue for nearby properties.

E Wareing brought up the issue of flooded paths on the Cleveleys side of the A585 where it joins with West Drive. This is being investigated by camera.


P Jenkins told the meeting about a document – Wyre 2017 Air Quality Annual Status Report.

Phil has been in contact with Wyre to discuss the report. He had concerns that the monitoring sites around Thornton did not cover Fleetwood Rd Nth which is subject to heavy traffic including a large number of HGVs. Given the close proximity of schools, houses and local facilities to the road, he asked why there was no monitoring done in this area. Another concern was that the instrument used to measure air quality are sited over 2metres in height. It is common knowledge that the optimum height is that of a small child or a child's buggy. Phil was told that instruments placed at this height would be vandalised. Further discussion is going to be arranged with Wyre Council to discuss the possible siting of monitoring equipment on Fleetwood Rd. Local Cllrs and C. Cllrs have been notified of the concerns.

10. AOB

Remembrance Sunday – TAG will be taking part in the Remembrance Sunday service which is on November 12th. A poppy wreath has been ordered. Members are encouraged to join the procession at the Thornton Cenotaph.

Memorial Benches – TAG, in cooperation with C. Cllrs Kay, Shedwick and Vincent has completed the application for funding for benches to commemorate a Thornton Market gardener, Joseph Blackburn, who, in spite of being told that he was in a reserve occupation, was called up and subsequently killed in World War 1.

Parking at Poolfoot – Cllr Ellison updated the meeting about the parking issues at Burn Naze. NPL will be discussing the issues, experienced by residents, with Fleetwood Town F.C.

DATE OF NEXT MEETING – Wednesday 6th December 7.15pm at Thornton Methodist Church.

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