Wyre Together Best Community Group 2010

Minutes of the meeting held on 15th March 2017 at Thornton Methodist Church

1.APOLOGIES: P & H Gore, M Horgan, P Tarrant, M & B Whelan

2.WELCOME: Community Beat Manager Kev Berry, D Holt

3.COUNCILLORS IN ATTENDANCE: No councillors in attendance

4.MINUTES OF THE LAST MEETING: The minutes were proposed as correct by J Quine and seconded by P Jenkins.

NB. Community Beat manager Kevin Berry was in attendance and consequently Item 9 'Traffic' was brought forward to be discussed at this point.


PC. Berry informed the meeting that there were 2 Community Beat Managers covering Thornton Cleveleys, himself and PC. Mandy Clark, as well as 2 PCSOs, Sharon Hill and Peter Atkinson.

J Phillips outlined TAG's concerns with regard to traffic, serious accidents on Lawsons rd and Trunnah Rd and other issues relating to speeding, inappropriate parking on zigzag lines by schools and zebra crossings. She had previously written to Sgt Nat Cox, Neighbourhood Police Team and Thornton County Cllrs about the concerns.

The meeting was told that roads with a 20MPH speed limit should be self enforcing with traffic calming measures in place. However, such measures, which are the responsibility of LCC, have not been introduced effectively. Written warnings have been given out to some drivers abusing the speed limit.

C.Cllr Andrea Kay is pursuing the possibility of 2 further crossings (Pelican crossings) on Fleetwood Rd Nth for extra safety.

PC Berry told the meeting that he would, when possible, try to observe those roads where schoolchildren are crossing, at school crossing patrols, as some irresponsible behaviour has been seen and reported.

Jenie read out a letter from a resident of Lambs Rd who expressed concern about HGV traffic, following SATNAV instructions and getting stuck on Skippool Rd. A warning sign that the road is unsuitable for HGVs is advisory only and consequently police cannot stop such traffic from using the road. C.Cllr J Shedwick will ask LCC to monitor Skippool Rd to see if HGV traffic is increasing.

TAG has received a map detailing the position of accidents/incidents on Fleetwood Rd Nth in the last 3 years. A copy is available on request from the secretary.

D.Holt asked if the 7.5 tonne weight limit on West Drive was advisory or compulsory. PC Berry said that he would find out.

PC Berry was thanked for coming to the meeting to talk about traffic concerns.


5.1 Libraries

It is understood that a meeting re the future of Thornton Library will be held week beginning Monday 20th March.

5.2 King George's Playing Field

J Phillips told the meeting that there will be further consultation in the spring re future development of this area.


J Phillips told the meeting that the Shaping Your Neighbourhood initiative has now ended.

A new initiative, 'Together We Make A Difference Network' , a partnership between council officers, elected members andpartners from other sectors to enable local people to make a difference in their local communities.

See attached document for further information.


H Phillips told the meeting that he and Jenie had attended a Lights meeting with the other groups from Wyre. They met with officers who are responsible for organising the grants given out to community group who organise Christmas lights in their towns/villages. Howard pointed out the unfairness of the 'match funding' system of allocating funds. Those communities who have Parish or Town councils are at an advantage as they will put funding into their communities lights pots. Thornton doesn't have that facility. We are required to submit what we spent on the lights in 2016. There were some problems with the lights at the medical centre which only came on at night time when cars entered the car park.


P Jenkins reported back from the Flood Forum meeting held on 9th March at Wyre Civic Centre.

A draft report on the study of Hillylaid Pool and Royles Brook is ready and will be shared with the Thornton Flood Action Group.

The work done to alleviate flooding on Branksome Field seems to be working. It is designed so that the field will flood rather than any property. There may be no need to connect to a draining system. Thornton FAG team will be monitoring this.

The Environment Agency gave a presentation on the Flood Basins at Garstang and Catterall. These basins form part of the Upper and Mid Wyre review. The basins are now 40 yrs old with a life expectancy of 50 yrs.

Thornton FAG have sent in a recommendation to Wyre Planning re the surface water drainage proposals for the Lambs Rd development. This recommendation is to try to stop existing water courses being surcharged.


See previous notes


Lambs Rd – H Phillips told the meeting that SOS have objected to the proposed houses at Lambs Rd on the grounds that the amount of planned open space is insufficient for the specification.

Field at Bourne Way – P Jenkins told the meeting that he was going to post an article on TAG Facebook / Thornton Chat Facebook, to inform residents that this field is designated for housing in the future. He would ask for feedback from residents.

10. A.O.B.

A Jenkins told the meeting that TAG has been informed that funding has been allocated to carry out work at Norcross roundabout. Audrey contacted Highways England and has been informed that there will be consultation with stakeholders in the near future as to what the options for the scheme will be.

DATE OF NEXT MEETING – Wednesday 10th May, 7.15pm at Thornton Methodist Church.

NB. Thornton Action Group now has a Facebook page. Please log on