Wyre Together Best Community Group 2010

Minutes of the meeting held on 10th May 2017 at Thornton Methodist Church

1.APOLOGIES: P & H Gore, M Horgan, K Andrew, B Whelan, E Wareing, I Horner

2.WELCOME: D & J Barlow, C Cally (residents)

3.COUNCILLORS IN ATTENDANCE: No councillors in attendance

J Phillips told the meeting that she had spoken to Cllr K Jones who indicated that she had not been able to attend because of family commitments. However, Kerry had told her that she appreciated the work that Tag does - “you guys get things done” which was very pleasing.

4.MINUTES OF THE LAST MEETING: The minutes were proposed as correct by P Jenkins and seconded by J Quine.


5.1 King George's Playing Field

J Phillips told the meeting that consultation has been delayed until Saturday 3rd June when there will be a meeting, at Marsh Mill, to introduce the planned work. It was suggested that notices should be placed around Thornton about the proposed consultation to try to ensure that residents are aware of the need to attend and contribute.

5.2 Together We Make A Difference

As yet there is no further information on this new initiative from Wyre.


J Phillips told the meeting that she had received an email from PC Kevin Berry detailing traffic incidents in Thornton since 1st April. There were no serious collisions however there were 8 damage onlyaccidents and 3 accidents resulting in minor injury.

There was some discussion about the legality of reversing onto a main road.

P Jenkins reported that he had been in contact with NPL about the number of soil carrying HGVs using Fleetwood Rd, from the Norcross roundabout, to access the site. NPL investigated and informed Phil that the wagons were actually going to the tip at Jameson Rd. Philip has been in touch with C.Cllr A Vincent who has now been in touch with Wyre and LCC to ensure that contractors are informed that they should use the A585 which takes the wagons to the tip via the Eros roundabout.

J Quine told the meeting that Singleton village and Kirkham now have 20 MPH speed limits in place.

Following discussion it was agreed that the new LCC Portfolio holder for Highways, when appointed, would be contacted re 20 MPH limits through Thornton and improved signs at Norcross roundabout.


J Phillips informed the meeting that Thornton Gala Committee, led by E Ellison, had, in the first instance, been successful in their bid to take over the running of the Library. It is understood that further discussion with LCC will take place resulting in the library reopening. Jennie will contact C.Cllr Shedwick for an update.


M Whelan, Treasurer, presented a balance sheet reflecting income and expenditure for the Christmas Lights 2016. P Jenkins proposed the information be accepted as correct. This was seconded by J Quine.


P Jenkins reported to the meeting that the work done at Branksome Field had been successful in preventing flooding to properties at the back of the pond. However, unfortunately it pushed the water towards Linden which resulted in some very wet gardens.

As yet there is no news regarding the surface water drainage proposals for the development at Lambs Rd.

The Flood Wardens are still waiting for the draft report on Hillylaid Pool and Royles Brook survey.

Wyre Council will be sending out information about Riparian ownership and what it will mean for landowners.

Phil has met with Wyre Council re the proposed Facebook page for Thornton Flood Action Group. This is still work in progress but will be a source of information for Thornton residents.


Local Plan H Phillips told the meeting that the Local Plan should be out for consultation this summer. The Green Infrastructure Survey is available online –

Lambs Rd – H Phillips told the meeting that reserve matters re Lambs Rd and which should be in place should come before the Planning Committee. These are drainage, layout and green space within the site.

Norcross (retail development) – Highways England have indicated that a satisfactory scheme to deal with traffic should be in place before any development starts

Field at Bourne Way – P Jenkins told the meeting that he had posted an article on TAG Facebook / Thornton Chat Facebook, to inform residents that this field is designated for housing in the future. There was some feedback from residents indicating that it ought to be left as recreational green space and a kickabout area.

He understands that Friends of Pheasant Wood are in the process of restructuring and support from residents and councillors is being sought. Activities are still carried out on the field by local residents. C.Cllr A Kay has supported the recreational use of the field.


10. A.O.B.

P Tarrant told the meeting that Marsh Mill would be open as part of National Mills Week and would then open weekends until the end of the Illuminations.

DATE OF NEXT MEETING – Wednesday 5th July, 7.15pm at Thornton Methodist Church.

NB. Thornton Action Group now has a Facebook page. Please log on