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Minutes of the meeting held on 6th December 2017 at Thornton Methodist Church

1.APOLOGIES: M Horgan, P Ryan, P Tarrant, M Whelan, B Whelan

2.WELCOME: P Ellison was welcomed to the meeting.

3.COUNCILLORS IN ATTENDANCE: No Councillors in attendance

4.MINUTES OF THE LAST MEETING: The minutes were proposed as correct by I Horner and seconded by J Quine.



H Phillips told the meeting that the submission from TAG re the draft Local Plan had been sent in on time and acknowledged.

P Jenkins told the meeting that the submission from the Thornton FLAG had also been sent in and acknowledged.


The Switch on was very well attended. The CD player, used to support the children's singing at the switch on, unfortunately packed up. However it was noted that the children’s singing was so good that they didn't need any supporting music and perhaps in future years they would sing unaccompanied. K Andrew offered to donate a CD player for next year which could be used to set the scene on the evening with carols and Christmas songs.

The Mayor and other councillors attended the Switch on with one Councillor arriving dressed as Father Christmas, much to the delight of the children.

This year there are no lights at the Medical Centre because of technical issues. This will hopefully be rectified for next year or an alternative location in the north of Thornton found.

There had been many comments about the lights at the Little Theatre which were not displayed at their best partly due to the fact that the trees need to be pruned. This meant that the installer could not properly access the trees. This was rectified a couple of days later.

H Phillips thanked everyone who was involved, in whatever capacity, in this years Lights Switch on programme.

It was reported that the Shopping Centre is up for sale and consequently the new owners would need to be contacted about future Lights activities.

TAG has been able to raise sufficient funds to meet the requirements of the funding bid from Wyre Council. Local traders, residents, NPL, Thornton Ladies and payments in kind had together helped TAG to raise the matched funding.

It is hoped that next year we can apply for extra funds to support more lights, perhaps for the Little Theatre area.


P Jenkins reported back from a meeting of the Thornton FLAG which took place following the Thornton floods on 22nd November. The FLAG had agreed questions to be asked at the Flood Forum.

Philip reported that, during the heavy rainfall, Stanah Pumping station had been turned off for a period due to overheating. Does this raise the issue of capacity and reliability?

The Flood Forum will be asked about the desilting of Royles Brook through the NPL site. If this has not been done then there is the possibility that it could be causing an obstruction to the free flow of surface water through the system.

Thornton FLAG is still waiting for the report into the study of Royles Brook and Hillylaid Pool.

A report from Cllr Ellison indicated that a large volume of water was flowing from the football facility at Poolfoot on the evening of the 22nd and consequently affecting local residents. What can be done about this?

Many areas of Thornton were flooded. Residents reported that there were no sandbags available at times at the Sports Centre and therefore obviously not enough to meet demand although it was also reported that some people took sandbags which they did not need. Sandbags which should have been in place at Cleveleys Community Centre at 6pm did not arrive until 11pm. It is worth noting that some of the sandbags could have been contaminated with sewerage and Thornton FLAG have asked the council for advice on this.

During discussion it was suggested that people in affected areas might need to look at a range of preventative measures.

It was reported that the pump on New lane had stopped working.

The FLAG will ask if the clearance of the dykes on School Rd by Network Rail has taken place.

Lawsons Rd was severely flooded and again the FLAG would ask if the CCTV survey, planned by United Utilities in 2016, had actually happened and if so had anything been found.

Concerns were raised about the schedule for clearing of drains in all areas of Thornton. It was also commented that the practice of leaf blowing into the road should be stopped as this could possibly result in drains being blocked.

The FLAG has asked for clarification of how the surface water drainage system in Thornton operates.

A question about the proposed drainage scheme for the housing development on Lambs Rd, and its possible effect on existing issues on Underbank Rd has been asked.

Prior to the TAG meeting, Phil had attended the meeting at Wyre Council, open to residents, re the November flooding. At this meeting Phil spoke to a company from Garstang who were exhibiting equipment which offered property flood protection solutions. It was suggested that we could try to organise an exhibition for local residents at a later date, in conjunction with local Cllrs.

It was reported that some residents who had been flooded, have received 'goodwill' payments from United Utilities.

The next Wyre Flood Forum is later in December. Questions and issues raised above will be addressed at the Forum.


Following on from the last meeting when P Jenkins told us about the Wyre 2017 Air Quality Annual Status Report, he was now able to tell the meeting that he had been contacted by an officer from Wyre Council who told him that Wyre hopes to look at the possibility of locating an air quality measure somewhere near to Thornton Post office on Fleetwood Rd Nth. This unit needs to be located on a residential property, near to standing traffic. Philip expressed concerns that the instrument would be too far removed from the pavement areas where pedestrians walk. He expressed concern that the instrument used to measure air quality would be sited over 2metres in height. This is a system, however, which is adopted nationally. We await developments.


Remembrance Sunday – Remembrance Sunday was exceptionally well attended this year. TAG laid a wreath during the ceremony. There was some discussion about the need for Medical support staff such as St John's Ambulance at these events to provide for residents who may become unwell because of sheer numbers, inclement weather or amount of time standing during the ceremony. St John's Ambulance were represented at the event.

Memorial Benches – TAG, in conjunction with C. Cllrs A Kay, A Vincent and J Shedwick, has successfully bid for the funding for 3 benches including a 'Lest We Forget' memorial bench in memory of Thornton Market gardener, Joseph Blackburn, who, in spite of being told that he was in a reserve occupation, was called up and subsequently killed in Flanders in World War 1.

A ceremony will be organised in the New Year to install the benches in the Memorial garden.

10. AGM / DATES FOR 2018

The AGM will take place on Wednesday 10th January 2018. This will be followed by the Open Meeting. The dates for meetings in 2018 were distributed.

11. AOB

There was no other business

DATE OF NEXT MEETING – Wednesday 10th January 2018 7.15pm at Thornton Methodist Church.

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