Wyre Together Best Community Group 2010

Minutes of the meeting held on 5th July 2017 at Thornton Methodist Church

1.APOLOGIES: P Ryan, J Quine, I Horner

2.WELCOME: C.Cllr A Kay introduced Jessica Basquill, Youth Mayor of Wyre to the meeting

3.COUNCILLORS IN ATTENDANCE: Cllr K Jones attended the meeting. C.Cllr A Kay joined the meeting for a short time to introduce the Youth Mayor of Wyre.

4.MINUTES OF THE LAST MEETING: The minutes were proposed as correct by D Tempest and seconded by H Phillips.


5.1 Thornton Library

It was reported that Thornton Library will reopen in the near future. Discussions re this are ongoing.

5.2 Bourne Way Field

C.Cllr Kay told the meeting that she would like the field to be available for the community to the north of Thornton with a play area for local children


P Jenkins reported back from the Flood Forum. He told the meeting that Wyre intend to do more remedial work on Branksome Field. At the next forum the report on the study of the catchment of Royles Brook and Hillylaid Pool, undertaken by multi agencies, will be discussed.

Issues with Highways drainage has caused some issues on River Rd – work is being undertaken to remediate this.

Phil has been in touch with P Bond from the Environment Agency to request copies of large scale flood maps of the Thornton area.

P Gore has now resigned as a Flood warden and consequently a replacement is needed for the Poets Corner / Branksome Field area of Thornton. J Phillips will include this in her article for TCM.

A visit to the Stanah Pumping station has been arranged for the Flood wardens.

There was some discussion about Riparian ownership and the responsibilities attached to this as well as the responsibility of developers in relation to surface water drainage systems.

C.Cllr Kay reported issues on land at Bourne Way / Whimbrell Drive. The Flood wardens will investigate this.

The Flood Action Group facebook page is now up and running – Thornton FLAG. Residents are advised to sign up to the Met Office Flood warning service.


J Phillips informed the meeting that the area near to the housing will be the first area to be developed. This first stage of improvement will cost approximately£250,000. TAG, as a Community group, are supporting a bid for further funding of £70,000+ from DONG in order to move ahead with the project.

It was suggested that a Friends group would be needed to support the park into the future.


P Jenkins reported that he had done a survey of HGV traffic using Fleetwood Rd Nth to access Jamieson Rd Tip, Hillhouse Industrial Estate and Fleetwood. The survey showed that there were more than 100 HGV vehicle movements in one day. This did not include HGV traffic going to Red Marsh Industrial Estate. Phil is meeting with C.Cllr A Vincent and C.Cllr A Kay to discuss this.

There was some discussion about the pollution and air quality as a consequence of the HGV traffic and the fact that school playgrounds are in very close proximity to the road.

J Phillips said that she would make enquiries re Environmental Health and how they measure / investigate air quality.

C.Cllr Kay indicated that she was continuing to fight for more pedestrian crossings in Thornton. She is also concerned about Crabtree Rd which has some traffic issues as well as Saltash Rd.

A report on the speed of traffic using Lawsons Rd showed that most cars are travelling faster than 20mph.

TAG had previously requested that Fleetwood Rd nth should have a 20mph speed limit. This was also supported by a Highways engineer from LCC who came to look at the junction of Church Rd / Wareing Drive and Fleetwood Rd nth.

J Phillips told the meeting that she had been caught in a speed trap carried out by pupils from Stanah school. Jenie was informed by a pupil that she had been doing 32mph in a 30 mph limit and was presented with a 'speeding ticket', produced by the pupils.


H Phillips told the meeting that he had received a letter from A Webster at Wyre re the bid for funding for the Christmas Lights. The closing date for the bids is 1st August at 5pm. TAG will find out at the end of September if their bid has been successful. 50% matched funding is required as part of the process. Matched funding could possibly include time spent by TAG in relation to the lights and fundraising for the lights. Local towns with a town council receive lights funding from the precept. It was suggested and agreed that a small group – Chair, Vice chair, Treasurer and Councillor K Jones – should meet to complete the bidding process.


Lambs Rd – H Phillips told the meeting that reserve matters re Lambs Rd have still not come before the Planning Committee. These are drainage, layout and green space within the site.

There was some discussion about the covenant on the Kenyon land at Lambs Rd

Local Plan – the Local Plan is expected to be available for public view towards the end of 2017 with a final version published in 2018.

10. A.O.B.

It was suggested and agreed that Cll. E. Ellison should be invited to the next meeting.

It would appear from discussion that some members did not receive notification of the meeting. This was due to technical issues. Hopefully this will be resolved soon.

DATE OF NEXT MEETING – Wednesday 30th August, 7.15pm at Thornton Methodist Church.

NB. Thornton Action Group now has a Facebook page. Please log on