Wyre Together Best Community Group 2010

Minutes of the meeting held on 24th February 2016 at Thornton Methodist Church

1.APOLOGIES: P & H Gore, M Croker, F & B Mills, B & M Whelan, S Quine


2.WELCOME: K Booth, P & E Shepherd were welcomed to the meeting

3.COUNCILLORS IN ATTENDANCE: Cllr K Jones, Cllr L Walmsley and C. Cllr A Kay attended the meeting

4.MINUTES OF THE LAST MEETING: The minutes were proposed as correct by H Phillips and seconded by P Jenkins.


5.1 Open Fields/Poolfoot

P Jenkins reported that he understood that a pond in the N.W corner of the site, which was a condition of the original planning consent would now be developed. It has been indicated that Fleetwood Town FC will develop a Community group linked to the development. It was reported that the land on which Thornton football club clubhouse stands has now been sold for development. Hopefully this will result in the construction of the car park, which was also part of the planning application.

5.2 Boundaries Commission

H. Phillips told the meeting that, following the period of consultation, the Boundaries Commission have indicated that Wyre will have 8 representatives at Lancashire County Council.

5.3 Lambs Rd

H. Phillips told the meeting that the Public Enquiry re the proposed development at Lambs Rd will be on 13th & 14th April. The original Public Hearing was postponed because so many objectors had asked that there should be an enquiry and not a hearing. TAG will be represented at the Enquiry.

It was reported that an application for 500 houses on Garstang Rd East has been received.

An application for the extension of the lighting time to 10.00pm, at the outdoor pitches on Victoria Rd, has been received. It was agreed that TAG would write to oppose this application and to state that the original time of 9pm should be retained.

Cllr Jones told the meeting that she was now a member of the Planning Committee as was Cllr Walmsley. Consequently they would not be able to comment on any planning issues brought up at our meetings. Her position re Lambs Rd however, as previously indicated, was that she would be speaking against the development.


This item was taken out of sequence.

Sgt. Whittaker told the meeting of the work being done to reduce speeding cars and of the Community Roadwatch scheme, whereby members of the public can attend to see how the police are trying to tackle this problem. Occasionally planned activities have to be cancelled for a range of reasons including staff shortage or incidents considered to be more urgent.

If any member would like to take part in this scheme then please send details to the secretary who will pass them on to Sgt. Whittaker.

Following the incident on Lawsons Rd involving six local school children, J Phillips has been negotiation with LCC to have signs painted on the road, on both sides, to warn of speed limits.

Cllr. L Walmsley has been in touch with Dan re speeding cars on Fleetwood Rd Nth.

C. Cllr Kay has put in a bid for 2 pedestrian crossings on Fleetwood Rd Nth, especially to support safe road crossing near the 2 primary schools. Cllr Kay has been working with local primary schools and supported them with grants to enable posters to be made outlining safer parking near to schools. She has also asked for a SPLD (smiley face speed indicator) to be placed on West Drive. This proved to very interesting to other members who would like to see more of them around Thornton.

Dan told us of the work being done in relation to inappropriate parking near to schools. 12 tickets have now been issued to drivers, across various schools, for illegal parking. Hopefully the message will start to get out about this. PCSOs have been taking pictures of offenders who have then been visited by police officers.

A Jenkins brought up the issue of parking on zigzag lines at zebra crossings and quoted examples of this occurring. Sgt. Whittaker indicated that this was an automatic 3 point fine and indicated that this was something that special constables might be able to work on in the future.


J Phillips reported on a meeting with J Ferguson, Wyre Officer. Jane has indicated that we need to take another look at the original plan for the Community Corridor – perhaps we have been short changed - and more funds could be coming from Section 106 funding. This could possibly extend the play area.

It was reported that the bridge has been restored near to the Sports Centre – thanks to Cllr Walmsley for this.


J Phillips outlined an article she had written for Thornton Community News (Blue Book), following a Committee meeting when the Flood Risk Assessment for Thornton was discussed. Members are encouraged to read the article.

TAG is now the Flood Action Group for Thornton. This requires us to keep up to date with any flood issues in the area as well as liaising with other neighbourhood groups and Wyre Council officers. P Jenkins reported that he had met with John Blundell, Wyre Council to update the flood risk summary sheet. This includes historical information with regard to flooding issues affecting property and vulnerable residents.

Cllr L Walmsley told the meeting of a report she has completed about the Branksome Field area of Thornton. Lynn has included a range of issues in the report such as the use of the field, an assessment of rainfall and photographs of the area. Following the substantial rainfall experienced at the end of last year, Branksome field was pumped out.

The issues at Branksome have been happening for more than 30 years. Residents have approached the issues in different ways with some having developed their gardens in ways which help to alleviate the problems.

Cllr Jones told the meeting that she could arrange for the Flood Advisory Service to give free advice to residents. It was agreed that this would be useful. P Jenkins would also mention this at the next Flood Forum.

It was reported that there was a cracked drain on Fleetwood Rd Nth which would undergo repair.

A member reported that he had received a quote for house insurance which had gone up considerably, with his existing company, because of the risk of flooding. The member has not experienced flooding to his property.


It is assumed that the charge for collection of green waste will go ahead - £30 per year for the first green bin, a reduced rate for a second bin and a total of 22 collections per year. Residents do not need to subscribe if they don't want the service.

There was some discussion about the future of Global Renewables which, it is believed, will become a transfer station for waste. Grey bin waste will go to landfill and will be shipped out of the area.


C. Cllr A Kay told the meeting of her concerns with regard to the cutting of the 74 bus service which would affect some residents in Thornton. Some of the cuts, proposed by Lancashire County Council, will make it very difficult for people getting to work and pupils to school. Cllr Walmsley pointed out that under Section 63 of the 1985 Transport Act, every Council and Local Authority has a responsibility to provide funding for social necessary services.

Cllr Walmsley asked that we support Cllr. Kay and write to Rt Hon Patrick McLoughlin MP who is Minister responsible for transport. Members are urged to contact him to ask him to either ring fence government money to help with the bus issues or to enforce Section 63 and bring LCC back to the negotiating table regarding local bus routes.

His email address is

10. A.O.B.

10.1 Marsh Mill

The Mill will reopen on Good Friday and subsequent week ends and Bank holidays from 10.30am – 4.30pm.

New volunteers are welcome.

10.2 Norcross

P Tarrant told the meeting that a revised application for the Norcross site has been submitted which seeks to alter the Section 106 agreement to fund improvements to the Norcross roundabout. TAG agreed to write to Wyre planning opposing these changes.

10.3. CCG

A Jenkins reported on a meeting she attended, organised by the local Clinical Commissioning Group. The meeting outlined the vision for the future in relation to delivering joined up services in different community settings, including people's homes. This involves doctors, nursing teams, pharmacy, social care, the voluntary sector and other professionals working together to meet the needs of the local population.

10.4.Hawthorne Park

J Phillips told us that Hawthorne Park has received a grant of £8000 from TESCO and has also been short-listed for further funding which is dependent on residents voting for Hawthorne Park when they shop at their local TESCO. The funding will come from the 5p charge for carrier bags.

C. Cllr Kay suggested that Jenie contact local schools to ask them to join in the campaign.


10.5 A585

A Jenkins told the meeting of correspondence she has received from Highways England which indicated that they are in the early stages of gathering information and looking at possible options for the proposed improvements to the A585. Public Consultation is scheduled for the second half of 2016 which is when we will have the opportunity to make our views known. WATCH THIS SPACE.

10.6 Easter Eggstravaganza

Once again there will be an Easter Eggstravaganza at Hawthorne Park on March 28th. This is for children up to the age of 11 years. More info to follow.

10.7 Hawley Gardens

Mr and Mrs Shepherd told the meeting of their concerns re the decontamination of the former ICI site which is now Hawley Gardens housing estate. They told of their 2 dogs diagnosed with cancer, one of whom has died and that Mr Shepherd had suffered from severe migraine. Mr and Mrs Shepherd had approached Wyre Council in December and questioned the decontamination process which had occurred as part of the building development. They have also discussed the issues with their local Councillor and are now having a soil sample privately analysed. During discussion it was suggested that there were groups of solicitors who would give free advice to Mr and Mrs Shepherd. Any contact groups or further information will be forwarded to Mr and Mrs Shepherd who were asked to update us when they had new information.

DATE OF NEXT MEETING: Wednesday – 13th April 2016, 7.15pm at Thornton Methodist Church.