Minutes of the AGM held on 6th January 2016

at Thornton Methodist Church

The Meeting opened at 7.15pm

1. Apologies: I Horner

2. Minutes of the last AGM: Proposed by P Jenkins, seconded by H Phillips

3. Chairman's Report

This is my first year as Chair – and I have to say that I have quite enjoyed ‘it’ – but I did begin with some trepidation. Probably the most difficult to keep up with is the monthly TCN Report which comes round extremely quickly and is not in sync with our meetings.

In conclusion I must say a huge thank you to everyone for supporting TAG in a variety of ways and especially the officers and committee members – Audrey Jenkins (Secretary), Mona Whelan (Treasurer), Howard Phillips (Vice-Chair), Philip Jenkins, Peter Tarrant and Carol Cayton (committee members) as they make the job of Chair possible.

Jenie Phillips 6th January 2016

PS More good news – TAG was represented at the Remembrance Sunday Service at the War Memorial and a wreath was laid.

4. Treasurer's Report:

The accounts for January 2015 – January 2016 were reported as at Appendix 1:

5. Election of Officers

As no other nominations were received, officers were re-elected as follows:

CHAIR: Jenie Phillips

VICE CHAIR: Howard Phillips

SECRETARY Audrey Jenkins


N.B. Acceptance proposed by P. Gore and seconded by H. Gore

6. Election of Members to serve on the Executive Committee

The following members were re-elected to serve on the Executive Committee:

Carol Cayton, Phil Jenkins, Peter Tarrant


No resolutions were received

The meeting closed at 7.32pm

P Gore thanked the officers and Committee members for their support and hard work during the past year as Chair.

APPENDIX 1                                             

 Accounts  Jan 2015 – Jan 2016




Balance  B/fwd           10909.18               Insurance                 197.85

Collections &               2181.81                Tree                                   573.30

Donations                                                 Lights Installation &  

W.B.C.                         2442.31               Removal                         3072.00



Total                      £   15533.30                 Total                      £3843.15  

Expenses                   -   3843.15

Balance in bank    £   11690.15


*   Please note the costs for 2015/16 lights still have to be taken out  *





                Bank                                                              Cash

Balance B/Fwd              823.02                   B/fwd                    62.55    Donation 25.00                  Membership                  

                    & collections               248.13

   Total                      848.02                                            310.68


Leaflets                       -     30.00           Website               36.00 Benches                      -   549.88           Room hire      167.00

           Leaflets                        40.00

Book 15.00

Wreath 17.50

Balance in bank         268.14          Cash  in hand               £ 35.18 

                                            Total  £ 303.32




   Lights                     11690.15

   T.A.G.                         268.14

   Total in bank       £ 11985.29       Cash  in hand                 £ 35.18