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Minutes of the meeting held on 31st August 2016 at Thornton Methodist Church

1.APOLOGIES: I Horner, B & M Whelan, D Tempest, A Bond, E Wareing


3.COUNCILLORS IN ATTENDANCE: No councillors in attendance

4.MINUTES OF THE LAST MEETING: The minutes were proposed as correct by P Jenkins and seconded by P Gore.


5.1 Thornton Football Pitches

S Curwood, Chief Executive at Fleetwood Town Football Club has been contacted re meeting with a small group from TAG to discuss issues which have been brought up by TAG members – parking, access to open space at Poolfoot for members of the public, the number and use of pitches for Thornton football club. Hopefully this meeting will be in the near future.

P Jenkins has spoken to S Abbott, Chairman of Thornton Junior Football Club re the club's access to the new pitches at Poolfoot and other issues. It was suggested that Section 106 money would be used for car parking. S Abbott has suggested that he could come to a TAG meeting in the near future to talk to members about what is happening with TJFC. This was welcomed and dates will be forwarded to him.

TAG members are asked to forward, to the secretary any questions they would like to have discussed at either of these meeting.


Community Corridor – As yet we still do not have access to the new draft plan for further development of the corridor. J Phillips has written to J Ferguson about this. Jenie has also suggested that a 'Walkabout' should take place at the site, hopefully as soon as 10th September. This would include local councillors as well as TAG members. It was agreed that the Draft Plan should be available in order to complete a purposeful walkabout. Jenie will keep pursuing this.

J Phillips and A Jenkins suggested that a bid for further funding should be completed to include the purchase of waste bins which might encourage younger children to bin their waste, for example animal shaped bins etc.


H Phillips told the meeting about the Public Inquiry which had taken place from 26th to 28th July at the Civic Centre in Poulton.

The developer and Wyre Council both had legal representation.

Howard told the meeting that because the application was rejected in the first place by councillors, TAG and SOS, along with County Councillors J Shedwick and A Clempson and members of the public, had the opportunity to have their say on a range of issues.

Whilst Day 1 was somewhat depressing, Day 2 was much better in relation to getting points over to the Inspector. Highways and traffic issues were strongly highlighted by SOS and TAG.

Cllr P Gibson, Leader of the Council, spoke on Day 3 to support the rejection of the application by members. A visit to the site took place on Day 3, with the Inspector indicating that she would walk along the footpath by Thornton Hall alone.

We now await the results of the inquiry.

A vote of thanks was proposed and seconded for Howard for all the work he had put into collecting and presenting his evidence to the inquiry.


An update on the progress of the Local Plan has now been published in the form of a Briefing document and a Questions and Answers paper.

H Philips pointed out that, as yet, there is no mention within the documents of the Green Infrastructure Study and no mention of consultation on the draft Local Plan. Following discussion it was agreed that the documents would be forwarded to members and, following the publication of the document, a sub group of TAG members would meet to read through and put together a TAG representation.

It was reported that Highways England had met with Singleton Parish Council in August in relation to the proposed A585 improvements. The consultation with regards to the proposed improvements starts on 5th September.


J Phillips has put together a bid for £2500 from Wyre to support the funding of the Christmas Lights for 2016. The letter, which outlines the fund raising activities and support from local businesses and residents, has been put on the TAG facebook page. New coloured lights have been requested for this year.


On Friday, 26th August, Friends of Thornton and Cleveleys Libraries informed us, via Facebook, that both Thornton and Cleveleys libraries are to close. As yet we don't have any further information.

A Jenkins referred to an article published in the Lancashire Evening Post which told of an activity taking place in 11 libraries across the County. The activity was for children aged 4 – 11 yrs old and the aim was to keep children reading over the summer holiday period. C. Cllr M Johnstone, cabinet member for Cultural Services was quoted in the article, saying 'The event is a fun way to keep children interested in the Reading Journey'. - but obviously no longer in Thornton and Cleveleys!


P Jenkins reported that a meeting with J Blundell, Wyre Council was planned for 30th August. This was to finalise the Flood Risk Assessment document for Thornton.

P Tarrant reported that United Utilities had carried out CCTV surveys of Fleetwood Rd in Thornton. P Jenkins will ask about this at the next Flood Forum meeting which is at 1.00pm on 15th September, at the Civic Centre. He has also asked that the desilting of Royles Brook through the former ICI site is reported on, as well as an update on Branksome Field and the drainage ditches on Underbank Rd. He has also asked for an explanation of the maintenance regimes of surface water drainage systems on new housing developments.

12. A.O.B.

M Horgan told the meeting about some issues along New Lane as a consequence of the activities of some members of PWRS. This has included parking inappropriately as well as erecting fencing and edging them with large stones. Wyre Council has been involved with this aspect of the complaint and ordered that the stones be removed or covered. The PWRS members have covered them with soil. P Jenkins suggested that the Flood wardens group visit the area which was agreed.

Following discussion about the issues it was suggested that Cllr K Jones should be contacted.

DATE OF NEXT MEETING: Wednesday – 19th October, 7.15pm at Thornton Methodist Church.

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