Wyre Together Best Community Group 2010

Minutes of the meeting held on 20th July 2016 at Thornton Methodist Church

1.APOLOGIES: M. Horgan, B Whelan



4.MINUTES OF THE LAST MEETING: The minutes were proposed as correct by P Gore and seconded by H Phillips.


5.1 Marsh Mill

More volunteers are needed to support the Mill – call in at the Mill and ask for further information. There are no July dates for the sails to be turned. There is a History of the Gala on display at the Mill. A Fish and Chip supper will take place in August – ticket only event – more info from the Mill.

5.2 Thornton Football Pitches

Some of Thornton's pitches at Poolfoot have now been fenced off and just one field left open. Concern was expressed about the possibility of Thornton losing pitches and the lack of parking facilities. Residents have expressed concerns about parking and swearing during matches / practice. Following discussion it was agreed that TAG would arrange a meeting with Steve Curwood, Chief Executive for Fleetwood Town and would also consult with Thornton junior Football Club.

5.3 Thornton Cleveleys Matters

E. Wareing will drop off copies of the August issue at the Mill. We understand that copies are also available at the library and some local shops.

5.4 Poulton and Wyre Railway Society

An information and promotion event is taking place on Wednesday 10th August, from 2.00pm to 4.00pm, at the 'A Little Something' coffee shop at Thornton Centre. There will be a display of the work undertaken and progress made as well as future plans for the railway line. It is also an opportunity for you to ask any questions.


Community Corridor – It is understood that the new draft plan for further development of the corridor has been completed but requires some 'tidying up' before it is presented to interested parties.

Requests for Section 106 funding has been made to support the plan. It was also suggested that waste bins should be sited near to the seating areas on the corridor.

With regards to Shaping Your Neighbourhood, there is no further funding available at this time. Ms Rosie Green, Lead Transformation Manager, is compiling a report about this. It is hoped that there will be more funds available for next year.


H Phillips told the meeting that the funding process for Xmas Lights has changed this year. Wyre Council has £20,000 in the pot and will be inviting bids from everyone. TAG will need to complete a bid for funding and will do so on the basis of the costs from last year. A group from TAG, supported by Cllr. Kerry Jones, will get together to complete the process. It was pointed out that unless we get an appropriate grant, TAG will not be able to continue to provide the same level of lights coverage.


H Phillips reminded the meeting that the Lambs Rd Public Inquiry takes place on Tuesday26th July to Thursday 28th July. Members were urged to attend to support TAG and SOS.

An objection to the planning application for 14 bungalows on River Road has been sent in by TAG.

The objection was based on the fact that the development is not sustainable – no bus services – and that the site is in Flood Zone 3. This is also an area of natural beauty. This application is a delegated decision and consequently, members were asked to write in individually to object.

Land at Poolfoot – application for 17 affordable houses. This application is for houses to be built on the southern end of the site on a very small piece of land. Poolfoot fields are designated as recreational space. There are issues relating to drainage as the site slopes down to Ormerod St and no flood risk assessment has been supplied. Paul Long has indicated that the application should be rejected.

Members were asked to object individually.


Following the last meeting, A Jenkins wrote to C. Cllr Mein to inform her of the difficulties some of our members had in accessing the proposed Library Consultation. C. Cllr Mein's response was read out to the meeting. A link directly to the web page was given in the correspondence. This is as follows

During discussion it was noted that Paul Maynard MP and Cllr Lynn Walmsley had been in Cleveleys on Saturday 16th July, encouraging people to sign the petition against closures. The Friends of Thornton and Cleveleys Libraries also manned a stall at the Music on the Park event at Hawthorne Park.


J Phillips told the meeting about the success of the Music on the Park event. Thornton Brass Band, who will be going to Cheltenham having been successful in the N. West Regional Championship, played for the event.

Hawthorne Park also achieved the Green Flag award. There was some discussion about other open spaces in Thornton. It was agreed that J Ferguson, Wyre officer, would be invited to a future meeting to discuss open spaces.


P Jenkins reported that the new Flood wardens had got together for a brief meeting. They had discussed 'walking the dykes' in order to familiarise themselves with their locations and also to visit areas within Thornton which might present problems in relation to flooding.

Phil has been in touch with J Blundell re a meeting for the Thornton Flood wardens.

A link via Facebook will also be organised to support residents with any issues and to keep them up to date with information received.

12. A.O.B.

A member asked if there was any news about the barriers at King George's fields – no progress as yet.

DATE OF NEXT MEETING: Wednesday – 31st August 2016, 7.15pm at Thornton Methodist Church.

NB. Thornton Action Group now has a Facebook page. Please log on.