Wyre Together Best Community Group 2010

Minutes of the meeting held on 19th October 2016 at Thornton Methodist Church

1.APOLOGIES: P & H Gore, E Wareing, M Horgan, Cllr K Jones

2.WELCOME: Audrey Lee, Thornton resident was welcomed to the meeting

3.COUNCILLORS IN ATTENDANCE: No councillors in attendance

4.MINUTES OF THE LAST MEETING: The minutes were proposed as correct by H Phillips and seconded by K Andrew.


5.1 Thornton Football Pitches

We are still waiting for dates from the Chief Executive at Fleetwood Town Football Club re meeting with a small group from TAG to discuss issues which have been brought up by TAG members – parking, access to open space at Poolfoot for members of the public, the number and use of pitches for Thornton Junior FC

P Jenkins has spoken to S Abbott, Chairman of Thornton Junior Football Club re the club's access to the new pitches at Poolfoot and other issues. It was suggested and agreed that Steve be invited to our next meeting to talk to members about what is happening with TJFC.

5.2 Local Plan

No updates as yet – we still await further information from Wyre.

5.3 New Lane

It was reported that there had been no further activity from the Railway society at New Lane


Cllr K Jones, Lead Councillor for Thornton, has been sent best wishes for a speedy recovery following her recent surgery.

Community Corridor – J Phillips has been in touch with J Ferguson about the lack of progress. Jenie told the meeting that Jane informed her that the contractors have been chased about the gate, which is permanently open, and the fence which needs to be finished. Mark Fenton is putting together a plan re the site.

It has been suggested that Shaping Your Neighbourhood funding could be disappearing and there were also rumours that the Little Theatre was at risk of closure following the decision about the Library.

It was agreed that Cllr Jones would be asked about these two issues


H Phillips told the meeting that the Inspector had upheld the appeal by Wainhomes. The crucial factor had been that Wyre could not demonstrate a 5yr supply of housing and in fact there has been an undersupply leading to a backlog.

SOS had presented a good case.

B Hart and H Phillips have requested a meeting with Cllr P Gibson re the issues raised.

There was some suggestion that Thornton would become the biggest town in the area without the infrastructure needed to support families.

It has been indicated that Wyre will not support more large scale development until the proposed improvements to the A585 have been completed.


J Phillips was invited to attend the Consultation meeting at Singleton to represent Wyre and Fylde Community Network / Hawthorne Park. Jenie was unable to attend because of a previous commitment and so P Jenkins attended in her place. P Jenkins told members that the discussion at this initial meeting was concerned with ensuring that representation was appropriate, as well as looking at the initial responses to the consultation. It was suggested that representatives from local farmers, Over Wyre residents and BAC workers should be invited.

Concern was expressed at the meeting that Singleton would become a 'rat run' as a consequence of one of the proposed routes.

The next meeting is on the 17th January 2017. Jenie has been in touch with the organisers and secured a place for TAG on the consultation group.


H Phillips told the meeting that TAG have received £2480, from Wyre Council, towards the cost of the Christmas Lights this year. The new lights have been ordered. A check on the Insurance arrangements will be carried out.

The switch on is on Tuesday 29th November, 4pm at Thornton Centre. Coffee and mince pies will be served after at Baines school. Any help with serving refreshments would be appreciated.

Collections at the Co-op will take place on Friday 25th and Saturday 26th November. Please spare some time to help with the collections.

Posters about the event will have to display the Wyre Logo.

P Ryan and P Jenkins will organise the sound system equipment.


Thornton Gala Committee have put in a bid for Thornton library and a separate group have put in a bid for Cleveleys library. It is understood that both of these bids are now going through procedures – whatever that means.

It was agreed that TAG would contact C. Cllr A Kay and Cllr K Jones to see if they have any further in formation.


P Jenkins reported that he had attended a Flood Forum meeting at Wyre Council. The meeting had been mostly concerned with the flooding at Garstang, St Michaels and Churchtown, which was understandable. Branksome Field and the desilting of Royles Brook through the former ICI site were discussed. It is important to keep some issues on the agenda in order to get them sorted.

The Flood Wardens have done 2 walkabouts – one along New Lane and one starting at Branksome Fields and leading to Pheasant Wood.

Both had been very useful and informative. The wardens had the opportunity to speak to residents at New Lane who told them about the desilting work which used to be carried out on the dykes BUT, since the Environment Agency took on the responsibility for this, no work has been carried out and the area is now overgrown.

The group has also developed a proposal for improvements at Branksome Field which follows on from the work done by Cllr. L Walmsley. This will be forwarded to Paul Long.

P Gore was thanked in his absence for his commitment to improving Branksome Field.

Information for residents will be put on the TAG Facebook page.

12. A.O.B.

Trees at the Bourne Poacher - J Phillips told the meeting that she had received an email from a resident who lives near to the Bourne Poacher. He has expressed concerns about the possible felling of trees at the Bourne Poacher once building work starts on the proposed development. Following discussion it was agreed that Jenie would contact the gentleman and advise him to contact C. Cllr Kay who has been working with residents with regard to anti-social behaviour at the site and also to ask that if trees are felled then they should be replaced with suitable planting.

Thornton Cleveleys Matters – Stephanie Collins is the person responsible for publicity at Wyre Council. It was suggested that copies of Jenie's article for Thornton Cleveleys Matters could also be sent to Stephanie in order to reach a wider audience.

Global Renewables – P Jenkins told the meeting that he had attended a meeting at Global Renewables. The plant is currently being mothballed with 12 people employed there for the duration. The plant is now a drop-off point where limited amounts of waste are recycled. It has been suggested that the plant could start to recycle more fully again in the future.

Removal of Phone Boxes – J Phillips has received communication from Cllr K Jones with regards to the proposal to remove public phone boxes from the area. Data shows that some boxes are rarely used but others are used more frequently. This provoked some discussion and the consensus appears to be that it is important for some of the phone boxes to be retained for use by residents.

Remembrance Sunday – TAG will be taking part on the service at the Cenotaph at 4 Lane Ends on Sunday 13th November. Members are asked to join in and to meet at the Little Theatre at 10.15am.

DATE OF NEXT MEETING: Wednesday – 7th December, 7.15pm at Thornton Methodist Church.

NB. Thornton Action Group now has a Facebook page. Please log on.