Wyre Together Best Community Group 2010

Minutes of the meeting held on 13th April 2016 at Thornton Methodist Church

1.APOLOGIES: F & B Mills, B & M Whelan, C Cayton

2.WELCOME: A Sheret, B Foxcroft, J El-katsha were welcomed to the meeting

3.COUNCILLORS IN ATTENDANCE: There were no Councillors in attendance

4.MINUTES OF THE LAST MEETING: The minutes were proposed as correct by P Jenkins and seconded by I Horner.


5.1 Boundaries Commission

H Phillips informed the meeting that the Boundaries Commission had reported on 5th April and that there were no changes from the draft proposals which equates to the numbers of constituents needed within each County Council area.

5.2 Community Roadwatch.

Members were reminded to put their names forward to the secretary if they are interested in joining a Community Roadwatch activity in the Thornton area. There was some discussion about drivers using mobiles whilst driving.

5.3 Marsh Mill

Margaret Croker has now resigned from her voluntary role at the Mill. It was unanimously agreed that TAG would send her a card to thank her for all her hard work with the Mill.

The Mill will only be open on Saturdays and Sundays for the foreseeable future. More volunteers are needed to support further opening times.

5.4 Hawley Gardens

Following their attendance at the last meeting, Mr & Mrs Shepherd have informed TAG that their Housing Association, Great Places, have agreed to send the results of their soil sample to a specialist engineer for review.


J Phillips reported that some funding will be due from the building of houses on the former Ashdell Nurseries – Section 106 funding. Some of this money will be used to further develop the play area which is very well used and also to further develop the Community Corridor. J Ferguson, Wyre Officer, has asked a student on placement with her to prepare a draft plan related to this. TAG will be consulted once the plan is completed.

P Tarrant asked if Cllrs K Jones and L Walmsley could be invited to meet with TAG representatives to do a walkabout at King George's to discuss at a number of issues linked to further development. It was agreed that this would be arranged.


H Phillips informed the meeting that the Public Enquiry related to the proposed development of 150 houses by Wainhomes will now take place from 26th – 28th July. Howard has sent a Statement of Case to the Inspector, on behalf of TAG This is available on the website for members to read.

Howard has met with SOS to ensure that there is no repetition of information, and that all issues are covered.

Howard asked members who commute along Skippool Rd to keep a note of the date, time and how long it takes to reach the roundabout at the River Wyre.

There was some discussion about funding being allocated to local authorities (councils) from Westminster, when houses were passed for development. H Phillips will seek clarification of this.


P Gore told the meeting that Branksome Fields had been pumped out twice since December. When the water has gone down, a surface land drain – 5 litres per second trickle - to the dyke and ultimately to the UU outlet will be installed. Certain areas of the field will be levelled out and the pond increased in depth

P Jenkins reported from the meeting of the Flood Forum and also indicated that the Thornton Flood Risk Summary Sheet was almost completed. P Jenkins, P Gore, H Phillips, J Quine and K Andrews all volunteered to be Flood wardens for Thornton. This is a requirement of the Flood Risk. A meeting will be arranged with J Blundell, Wyre Officer, for the volunteers to clarify roiles and responsibilities.

There was some discussion about the clearing of dykes and water courses in Thornton.


P Jenkins told the meeting that the fencing around the Thornton pitches opposite the Burn Naze Pub, had been removed but one pitch, immediately behind Springfield Drive, was still fenced off. As yet he also believes that the drainage on the Thornton fields has not been completed as promised.

K Andrew told the meeting that S Kirwood from Fleetwood Town would talk to TAG about the football pitches and had also invited TAG to hold meetings at the new building at Poolfoot. It was agreed that Mr Kirwood would be invited to a future TAG meeting.


Hawthorne Park will be inspected on Friday 15thy April as part of the Green Flag scheme. The park had previously been awarded £8000 from TESCO but, following the TESCO bags of help scheme have now been awarded a further £2000. The funds will go towards providing more swings, replacing the digger which was stolen and raising the paths.

The Easter Eggstravaganza was attended by 55 children and their parents. The event was very successful in spite of the poor weather on the day.


J & H Phillips attended a meeting organised by Rossall Residents which was concerned with the new bus services covering the area. C. Cllr A Kay outlined the problems experienced by residents of Pheasant Wood. Jenie told the meeting that there was no longer a service to River Rd. A Sheret, B Foxcroft and J El-Katsha all told the meeting of their difficulty in getting to Cleveleys as there was no longer a bus from their area of Thornton, nor was it easy for them to get to Blackpool Victoria for hospital appointments.

Leaflets about the different bus routes can be obtained from the Travel Centre next to BHS in Blackpool or downloaded from the Blackpool Transport Website –

Following its of discussion about the different routes or lack of them it was agreed that we would try to develop a diagram showing the buses serving Thornton and where they go to. Residents will also be asked about the difficulties they are experiencing and the information sent to the appropriate authority.

The meeting was reminded that at our February meeting, Cllr Walmsley pointed out that under Section 63 of the 1985 Transport Act, every Council and Local Authority has a responsibility to provide funding for social necessary services. We need to ascertain what constitutes 'social necessary services'.


An application to vary the conditions on the proposed development at Norcross has been submitted. It was agreed that this should be opposed. P Tarrant will forward the information necessary to do this.

13. A.O.B.

13.1 Planning

H. Phillips told the meeting of the decision by Wyre Council to limit the number of speakers at Planning Committee meetings to 4. His letter opposing this decision has been published in the Blackpool Gazette.

He has been in correspondence with D Thow to try to clarify how this new system will work in practice. Apparently, those wishing to speak can register from 5 days before the meeting to 24hrs before, by phone call or email and the first 4 to register can speak!!

Apparently this is to try to prevent duplication of information from the speakers – this is the

responsibility of the Chair and has been carried out in the past.

Members of the Planning Committee have informed TAG members that the reason for the changes is to 'deal with the backlog' and the Committee can meet for 'no longer than 4 hours according to their constitution'.

Whatever the reason, it was agreed that this is undemocratic.

13.2 Thornton Community News

The last edition of the brochure has now been published. It was agreed that a card would be sent to Karen, the editor, to thank her for giving her time to do the brochure which has been very well received in Thornton.

TAG will continue to publish a newsheet following meetings which will then be displayed in public places – library, surgeries, noticeboard etc., We will also investigate the Thornton Cleveleys Matters publication which is used by other Thornton organisations to inform residents of their activities.

DATE OF NEXT MEETING: Wednesday – 1st June 2016, 7.15pm at Thornton Methodist Church.