Wyre Together Best Community Group 2010

Minutes of the meeting held on 1st June 2016 at Thornton Methodist Church

1.APOLOGIES: M. Horgan, Cllr K Jones, E Wareing

2.WELCOME: Matt Hilton, Steve Walker, Charlotte and Xavinia Walker, Lisa Turner were welcomed to the meeting

3.COUNCILLORS IN ATTENDANCE: There were no Councillors in attendance

4.MINUTES OF THE LAST MEETING: Following a spelling correction to the minutes, they were then were proposed as correct by J Quine and seconded by P Jenkins.


Matt Hilton from the Community Trust arm of Fleetwood Town Football Club, based at Poolfoot, came to tell us about the work being done in the community. There are four areas of focus for the charitable arm, Health, Education, Social Inclusion and Sport & Physical Activity.

As well as working with schools and nurseries in Wyre and Fylde on a range of projects including placing professional coaches in schools, the club also works with older gentlemen aged 50+ years engaging them in walking football. They have supported the homeless charity, Streetlife, by staging a 'sleeping rough' sleep-over. This activity was part of the club's National Citizens Scheme and involved approximately 25 teenagers.

The club's groundsman has been involved in maintenance work near to the Cadet base and also maintaining the public grass verges.

The development at the club is nearly completed but they have still to build a new astra turf pitch.

Matt was asked about parking facilities, access to the northern end of Poolfoot and drainage of the fields behind Springfield Drive. Matt advised us to speak to Steve Currwood, Chief Executive which TAG indicated they would do in the near future.

Matt was thanked for his presentation and praised for the range of work being done in the community.


5.1 Marsh Mill

The meeting was informed that the sails on Marsh Mill will be turned on the following dates:-

12th June,

27th August,

10th /11th Sept,

22nd/23rd Oct

27th Nov (to be confirmed)

5.2 Bus Services

Pheasant Wood now has bus services. Catch 22 now serves Hillylaid but as yet there is no service to the Country Park down River Rd. It was agreed that we would contact C. Cllr A Kay to find out if it would be possible for Catch 22 to also serve River Rd and consequently the Country Park.

5.3 Norcross – variation of conditions on outline planning permission

J Phillips told the meeting that TAG had written to D. Thow, Head of Planning Services, and members of the Planning Committee to express concerns about the application for variation of conditions to the outline planning permission for mixed use development at Norcross Lane. It would appear that developers often ask for conditions to be varied.

Jennie read out D Thow's response which indicated that this was part of the normal planning process and as such would either be delegated or referred to the planning committee for consideration.

Following discussion it was agreed that Jenie would write to the Lead Councillor to request that the application goes to committee.

5.4 Speakers at Planning Committee

The new system of limiting speakers at planning meetings to 4 will be monitored for 6 months.

5.5 Thornton Cleveleys Matters

Following the closure of TCN, J Phillips has done an article to be included in the June publication of Thornton Cleveleys Matters. This will be one of the ways of getting information out to residents.


Steve Walker, Chairperson of the Friends of Thornton and Cleveleys Libraries came to the meeting, along with 3 other committee members, to tell us about the campaign to save Thornton and Cleveleys libraries which are under threat of closure by LCC. The committee was set up following a meeting organised by Wyre Councillors and Paul Maynard MP. It is a community group and is non political. Their aim is to consult the community about what they would like to see happen and have set up a Facebook page to support their activity.


A suggestion from councillors had been to set up a Community Interest Company.

LCC are currently consulting about the closures, however the consultation document is very difficult to find online, as some TAG members have found out. Hard copies are available from libraries.

LCC will not engage in any dialogue until the end of the consultation period. The group believe that the closures could contravene the requirements of the 1964 Libraries and Museum Act.

Steve told us that they will be manning a stand on the Gala Field on Gala day to support their activities. J Phillips invited them to have a stand at events to be held at Hawthorne Park in July.

Following discussion it was agreed that A Jenkins would write to LCC re the poor access to the online consultation document. J Phillips will investigate the position with regard to the 1964 Act. Tag will aim to send a representative to the Committee meetings whenever possible and will publicise the group and their activities to our members.

Community Corridor – J Phillips will ask J Ferguson, Wyre Officer, if the new draft plan for further development of the corridor has been completed.

Following its completion, Cllrs K Jones and L Walmsley will be invited to meet with TAG representatives to do a walkabout at King George's.


H Phillips has produced evidence to support the Statement of Case, previously sent to the Inspector who will be conducting the enquiry re Lambs Rd. This will be available on the website for members to read.

Howard thanked members who commute along Skippool Rd and who kept a note of the date, time and how long it took to reach the roundabout at the River Wyre.

An application for 14 dwellings, bungalows on land on River Rd has been submitted to Wyre Council.

Following discussion, which included the fact that there was no bus service to River Rd, it was suggested that the developer should be asked to contribute monies to reinstate the bus service. It was noted that bungalows are in very short supply.


P Jenkins reported from the meeting of the Flood Forum. He told us that the representative from United Utilities had told the forum that they can only make recommendations as to what happens o surface water from a planned development. For example they quoted a case in Wales where a developer had been advised to run a 400 metre pipe away from the site to reach a natural drainage channel. They appealed the recommendation and the court found in their favour and they were allowed to connect to a surface water drain which was already at capacity but was near to the entrance to the site. Consequently, the knock on effect was that an existing development could be affected.

Phil has been in touch with J Blundell re a meeting for the Thornton Flood wardens. Hopefully this will be in July.

The Thornton FAG is required to send in a report to the Forum at least 2 weeks prior to their meeting.

A resident from the Tarn Rd area expressed concern about the new tarmac road on land belonging to Mrs D Lofthouse and asked if this could exacerbate local flooding. It was noted that Paul Long, Senior Engineer Wyre Council, has indicated that retrospective planning permission should not be given.

P Gore told us that UU will not accept the 5 litres per second trickle from Branksome Field to the UU drain. This is still under discussion and remains on the agenda at the Forum.


The £10,000 TESCO funds will go towards providing small swings, replacing the digger which was stolen and raising the paths.

A request has been put forward for health type equipment for older people and so new sources of funding will be sought.

Hawthorne Park and TAG will have a stall on July 31st at the Country Park Open Day.

Music on the Park will be on 10th July when Thornton Brass Band will be playing.

10. A.O.B.

S Walker reminded the meeting that the Thornton Young Peoples Centre, on Marsh Rd, would also be closing as part of the cuts by LCC.

K Andrew told the meeting that a resident of New Lane had expressed concern about the cutting back of blackberry bushes on the banks of the railway which appear to have gone beyond the approved 1metre guide. The resident also referred to inappropriate parking of vehicles by PWRS members. The resident has contacted the society.

DATE OF NEXT MEETING: Wednesday – 20th July 2016, 7.15pm at Thornton Methodist Church.

NB. Thornton Action Group now has a Facebook page. It is still in it's infancy but we hope to put on lots of information about what we are doing very soon.