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Like a lot of places in the UK, Thorntons' roads are generally in poor condition.

With all the recent development in the area the roads suffer the consequences with excavations for gas and electric pipes or cables, as well as heavy construction traffic.


Duff Road

In Thornton the roads suffer mostly through old roadworks, and heavy vehicles (that should be on the A585), but there is evidence of general wear and tear also.

In any event faults should be reported to Lancashire County Council, as L.C.C. are responsible for all the roads in Thornton. Remember; please report any potholes or old sunken roadworks, or new sunken roadworks for that matter. The more earache LCC get from the public about specific problems will hopefully lead to a speedy and quality repair.

The telephone number for L.C.C. is 0845 053 0011 (switchboard) or 01772 221611 (highways dept) or visit the website here LCC

The A585 (M55 to Fleetwood) is the responsibility of the Highways Agency - Information Line 0300 123 5000.

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